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Our 40 operators delivered over £1.7 million of gardening services last year.

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Today Ed's Garden Services is the UK's largest garden maintenace franchise business with over 35 Operators growing their successful garden maintenace businesses.
Ed's is proudly a wholly British company and a full member of the British Franchise Association (BFA) which sets ethical standards in Franchising. Ed himself is also a Qualified Franchise Professional.

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Changing Landscapes

Simon / East Grinstead

In my previous life, I worked in landscape gardening and knew a healthy outdoors job was where I thrived. I then worked as an employee in an Ed's business and got great satisfaction from delivering really good work. When, almost two years ago, my then boss was thinking of doing something else, the opportunity..

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I fullfilled my ambition

Sarah / Wimbledon

Sarah ran her business from January 2007 to 2012, and successfully grew her business into a multi employee and vehicle business. This was her profile before selling her business on. "Starting with Ed's was a wonderful opportunity to break into a competitive industry and take control of my earnings...

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A second career outdoors

John / Christchurch

Since joining Ed's I've moved my Ed's business twice to suit my personal circumstances. Ed's systems and the Office team have supported me so well through my moves. I'm now running my Ed's business in Christchurch and I'm just as happy and motivated as I was when I started almost seven years ago. 6..

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A new life at forty

Steve / Hersham

Maybe life does begin at 40. At 39, my career as a salesman in the motor industry was going nowhere. I loved gardening so I invested in an Ed's Garden Maintenance franchise. I liked the relatively low start-up costs and was given support in accountancy, marketing, business management and training. Within..

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Better than going it alone

Lucy / Teddington

Ed's Garden Maintenance is the best thing that I have ever done. I ran my own gardening business but I couldn't get to the next level, so Ed's was made for me. The standard of the website is higher than I could achieve myself, and marketing isn't my strength so Ed's helped. I had a few customers working..

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Grasping the nettle

Steve / Ascot

I'd often thought it would be great to have my own gardening business but part of me was scared of the responsibility of it. The idea became even more attractive when I started working for an Ed's Operator and got to see first hand how successful those guys can be. When my boss decided to move abroad,..

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20% return on investment

Zoran / Chelsea (London)

I recently acquired an established garden maintenance business from an existing Ed's Operator, who had spent five years growing a successful business and wanted to cash it in and do something different. I have a background in the service sector and wanted to buy my own business to run. I wasn't too worried..

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Business in winter

Clive / Hampton

I tried to set up my own gardening business before joining Ed's Garden Maintenance as an operator, but marketing, which I did not enjoy, got in the way of gardening. Now Ed's generates customers so I can do the gardens. I also enjoy the training put on by Ed's at RHS Wisley where I have access to training..

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Up and running fast

Guy / Maidenhead West

I moved to the UK from New Zealand where I worked in agriculture, so I've always been a hard working outdoor type. I was surprised how quickly my Ed's business was set up. When you start a franchise, you always feel there is a risk. But Ed's reduces the risk with support, training, advice and guaranteed..

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Prosperity after redundancy

Tim / Worcester Park

I took redundancy after 20 years in IT support in 2008. I had done fencing, paving, strimming and mowing in my own garden and enjoy being outdoors, so I was attracted to an Ed's business opportunity. I researched several franchises as well as Ed's and got advice from the British Franchise

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Escape from office

Michael / Petersfield

A little initiative pays off a lot. After being made redundant twice from jobs in the city I'd had enough of office life. I started my Ed's Garden Maintenance franchise in 2009. My office skills have proved transferable - part of the job is having a good rapport with people and cross selling to generate..

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Perennial work

Nick / Brighton

When I moved to Brighton, joining Ed's Garden Maintenance was the ideal opportunity to develop my love of gardening and provide a fresh, high-quality service to my new community. Garden maintenance is a year-round occupation so there is always work whatever the season, and my belief that customers..

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Being independent

Rodney / Wimbledon

Five years ago, I moved from South Africa where I cultivated two acres. Now I am back outdoors. After working as a carpenter and handyman in the UK, I found the Ed's Garden Maintenance franchise. I worried about the amount of work, but I have plenty of referrals from current customers and new leads..

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Part of a team

Lindsay / Bridgwater

I'm pleased to be part of the Ed's team. All of us Ed's operators are motivated and dedicated to success and delighted by our healthier lifestyles. When I decided to leave corporate life I researched several franchises. I was impressed with the support, training and advice provided by Ed's at a relatively..

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A good living

Hedley / Camberley

I wanted to work outdoors when I arrived in the UK as I'd been a farmer in Zimbabwe. Ed's Garden Maintenance franchise was ideal because it helped get my business running even though I had no local contacts. The marketing help and pipeline of initial work was invaluable, and I built up 40 regular customers. Now..

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My gardening business

Jon / Teddington

After living abroad and running a ski hotel I started looking for a business opportunity that fitted my lifestyle, I wanted to be outside and not tied to one place. I started with Ed's Garden Maintenance in September last year. Within two weeks of signing up I was out on the road and in the first week..

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Living the Dream

James / London (North)

My decision to join Ed's was really a lifestyle choice – a healthy outdoors life and the flexibility of running my own business really appealed to me. I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably earn less money but that it would be worth it for the lifestyle. However the reality has been somewhat..

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Escape from the office

Marcus / Wokingham

I joined Ed's because I wanted to take control of my life and get outdoors. I was attracted to running a gardening business because it was something I enjoyed and knew a bit about. I was also comfortable with the scale of the investment to join Eds. I've now got out of the office and am building a strong..

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More than hot air

Matthew / Maidstone

Before joining Ed's I worked as a telecommunications engineer. After taking voluntary severance I knew I wanted to run a gardening business as gardening had always been a passion of mine. I initially thought I would go it alone and stumbled over Ed’s whilst doing some research. Having a communications..

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I'm the Boss

Ivo / Raynes Park

I was working as an employee in my Eds business when the operator decided he wanted to do something else. It was a great opportunity for me to take over the business. I already knew the work and the customers; I just had to learn how to actually run the business. I took over the reins in August 2011..

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New horizons

Paul / Bristol

We moved out of London to the West County and I had to either find a job or start up my own business. I knew my preference was to be my own boss. I had done a bit of gardening before and enjoyed it. I also found the franchising route appealing. I compared several gardening franchises and Ed's was..

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Recruitment to rotavating

Louis / Epsom

After 28 years in recruitment I wanted to feel energised again. I wanted a different life. I had always enjoyed maintaining my own garden, so in August 2011 I started running my own Ed's Garden Maintenance Business and beat my own sales target. Each job presents different challenges. The work can be..

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From red tape to green lawns

Matthew / Folkestone

In my previous life, I managed a fencing plant and had a lot of management responsibility. I got so weary of bureaucracy getting in the way of progress and wanted to be able to be more proactive. Running my own business seemed the best way to get that. I looked closely at Ed's and it all seemed really..

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Grass roots approach

Adrian / Southampton

After spending many years in banking, I really wanted a more active job, which was about more than numbers. My vision was to build a profitable business, but one that also gives something back to our local community. My plan is that this starts with the provision of excellent garden services and, as..

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Career Change

Den / Twickenham

I had my own internet company which was at a bit of a crossroads and I decided I wanted to have a change of business. I was attracted to a franchise but I wanted it to be one which didn't have ridiculously high entry costs and in a business which I would actually enjoy doing. I looked at several very..

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Work hard, play hard

Rich / Lewisham

Prior to Ed's I was involved in property development and landscape gardening. I really enjoyed gardening and knew I wanted to run my own gardening business. I saw the franchise route as a way of establishing my business quickly and reducing the risk. I looked at various gardening franchises and Ed's..

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Instant income

Pierre / Camberley

I bought an established garden maintenance business from an Ed's Operator. Redundancy gave me a great opportunity to do something for myself and I really wanted to run my own business. I didn't want a start-up as I needed to be generating a steady income from the start. I was attracted to an Ed's business..

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Choosing the right team

John / Hemel Hempstead

Before running my Ed's gardening franchise I worked in the police force. On leaving I took the opportunity to do something I had wanted to do for a long time, run my own gardening business. I had originally thought that I might go it alone but had two areas of concern with this. The first was marketing..

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The best of the bunch

Andy / Ealing

Before joining Ed's I was a project manager for a kitchen supplier. Although it was great for developing organisational skills, I hated my job. I'd flirted with the idea of running my own business for a long time and had looked at a number of franchises but none of them seemed to have any substance...

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Seeking Business Growth

Nick / Sevenoaks

I've been providing gardening services for the past seven years in the UK interspersed with some time back in my native New Zealand with my partner and young twin boys. Both my sons have kidney health issues and we returned to the UK following a referral for their ongoing care at Great Ormond Street..

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Steering my own ship

Richard / St Ives

I have a love of the outdoors and growing things having spent time on a friend's farm growing up in Yorkshire. I have three allotments and I am a past chairman of St Ives Allotment Association. I've spent most of my career in agricultural research, working on behalf of farmers and Government, but..

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Joining a Brand

Mark / Bournemouth

Having spent time in the Army, on leaving school I joined Cobham - an Aviation engineering services company - where I became Engineering Workshop manager and later Components Workshop manager. In 2013, having spent 23 years at Cobham, I was made redundant due to company re-structuring, so I took this..

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Getting a work life balance

Marc / Leighton Buzzard

Marc has worked for 15 years in gardening and landscaping, and most recently was head gardener at Timberland's 64 acre site in Stoke Poges. Marc was putting in long days combined with an almost 3 hour round commute each day and decided that he wanted to start his own business. "I know gardening but..

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A sensible commute

Ian / Norwich East and Broadland

Ed's Garden Maintenance welcomes Ian Waters who has taken on a franchise business covering Norwich and Broadland. Ian, a father of two has spent 25 years working in London. He has a background in IT project management, and for the past three years has worked as an IT contractor. On joining Ian..

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Enjoying Local Life

Nigel / Worthing

Tired of the extensive travelling in his wholesale business and an increasingly difficult business environment Nigel started to consider the alternatives. "One day I found myself whistling and realised I was really happy doing this gardening kind of work. I knew then that I would love to do this for..

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Ambitious Plans for Growth

Andy / Woking

Having already built a successful drainage business I was looking for the next challenge and an opportunity to expand. I was already seeing demand for gardening services sparking my interest in a gardening franchise. By buying half of an existing business from Ed’s operator John I have been able to..

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Getting out of the rat race

Paul / Swindon

Paul Crocker runs an Ed's franchise in Swindon. Paul worked for over 20 years in auditing in financial services and insurance. Having been made redundant in June he was applying and interviewing for new positions when in October he realised that he did not want to re-join that world. Paul said, "After..

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