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Worcester North's franchisee - Ed

I am running a strong Ed's business and I am constantly fine-tuning it to be more profitable. I enjoy that challenge. I also enjoy the freedom I have for my hobbies as they bring a good balance to my life.

13 June 2024

I was fortunate to have a successful business career at quite a young age. It was great in many ways but I found that I wasn’t really enjoying it any longer. I took the view that I am still quite young and I have a long time ahead career-wise. And so it is really important that I am actually doing something that I genuinely love. I could have started my own business from scratch. However I know from my own experience how all-consuming that can be. I am ambitious and I want to be part of something that I can scale up quickly. I want to see real results with my business and really leverage all the things that a franchise business can offer.

15 December 2021

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