Franchisee Case studies

Ali started his business in September 2020.

A year later the central office team went to meet him for a catch-up and see how he has been getting on. This is what he had to say about his experience so far.

Former Marketing

Our Gardening Franchisee covering Streatham

“I was doing well, but was thrilled when my Year 2 profit came out around £50,000. I am not resting on my laurels.”

Marcus: Streatham

Former Gardening
Business Owner

Our Gardening Franchisee covering Teddington

Lucy built up her first Ed’s business, sold to move to Bali. On returning she bought another territory which she grew and sold too!

Lucy: Maidenhead

Former International
Sales Director

Our Gardening Franchisee covering Ramsgate

“Being part of the Ed’s franchise is brilliant and it was well worth the money for the work stream alone”

Mark: Ramsgate

Former City

Our Gardening Franchisee covering Petersfield

“After being made redundant twice from jobs in the city I’d had enough of office life. I now cut about 400 hedges a year!”

Michael: Petersfield