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Gardener Reviews – Five Stars all the way

Gardener Reviews – How are we measuring up?

We most certainly know that Gardener Reviews are extremely important. There is no doubt that great reviews really help our new gardening businesses to fly. Great reviews are gold dust in marketing and particularly for search engine optimisation. Consequently, we tend to take them very seriously indeed. However, we take our customers even more seriously. Fantastic customer service is at the very heart of Ed’s, most certainly at the very core of our quality brand.

And so, as part of our new franchisee support programme, the Ed’s Office team conducts customer surveys on behalf of our franchisees. This provides excellent feedback on how well they are doing as they establish their businesses. Consequently, we find harvesting reviews on their behalf a really positive exercise. It grows our franchisees’ confidence and grows their businesses. A win-win however you look at it.

Certainly, we put a lot of effort into attracting great franchisees to Ed’s. Our franchisees are our ambassadors, day in, day out. If you don’t have great franchisees, you don’t have a great franchise business. It really is as simple as that. We go to great lengths to choose people who can really understand the importance of fantastic customer service. And do great reviews follow? Well, yes they do, the proof tends to be in the pudding!

Gardener Reviews – Our Newest Superstars

We are delighted to report that, having undertaken the exercise for our four most recent franchisees, they have all received a clean sweep of five star reviews. An excellent start to their Ed’s journey. We can’t say that we are surprised as they have all been consulate professionals right from start. However, we are still absolutely thrilled for them.

Here are some examples of the reviews they have recently received…

Andrew Selwyn, Ed’s business owner, Chertsey
“Really friendly, quick and efficient. Good quality service. Happy to recommend.”

Chris King, Ed’s business owner, Norwich (South)
“Chris is an excellent professional. Truly generous, knowledgable and skilful.”

Andy Foster, Ed’s business owner, Milton Keynes (North West)
“We were delighted with the work Andy did in the front garden. A total transformation. We would highly recommend him.”

Jack Bayford, Ed’s business owner, Hitchin
“Reliable, knowledgable, charming and efficient. Would definitely recommend.”

And what about our established business owners?

Let’s not forget the strength of our established business owners though. Here at Ed’s customer service runs right through the business. We also carry out customer review exercises for our established business owners. And what does this tell us? Well, it’s definitely not a case of enthusiasm waning and reviews getting less impressive. Quite the contrary in fact!

David Ross has been with Ed’s for three years now and is running an excellent gardening business. We recently ran a customer review exercise for David and, of course, all of his reviews were five stars (we would expect nothing less from David!).

Here are some examples of what his loyal customers had to say about David…

David Ross, Ed’s business owner, Tunbridge Wells

“Trustworthy, reliable, hardworking. A pleasure to be around.”

“Nothing is too much trouble. David couldn’t be more helpful. Exceptionally hard worker.”

“Ultra-reliable, efficient, tidy. Always smiling, even on a rainy day.”

Gardener Reviews – The Upshot

In conclusion, success most definitely grows more success. We are delighted that our very newest franchisees are already flying with their customer service. And we are also thrilled that our established business owners keep that customer service focus and go from strength to strength on it. There is no doubt whatsoever that this translates into strong profitability and locking value into our Ed’s gardening businesses.

What more is there to say other than “Please do keep up the good work, Guys – you are doing brilliantly and we are proud to have you as part of our great team.”

Here at Ed’s, we put huge amounts of effort into selecting the very best franchisees for our business. This extremely impressive level of customer service is a real endorsement that all our effort pays dividends.

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Brand New Ed’s Business in Milton Keynes

Brand New Business Owner Andy

We are thrilled to welcome one more brand new business owner to our thriving Ed’s franchise business team. Andy Foster has recently signed up to run his Ed’s gardening business in Milton Keynes (North West). Andy is our fifth new franchise business owner since the start of 2022. We have welcomed a new business owner each and every month in the year to date.

Following on from his induction period, we had a chat with Andy about his reflections on joining Ed’s.

Brand New Ed’s Business Owner – Background

“My background is working in a number of production-related roles for huge international companies. I’ve been given more and more responsibility over the years and the rewards have been very good. On the whole, I have always enjoyed my work. However, there have also been a number of unsatisfactory elements that I have wanted to change for some time. The crux is that it is really hard to maintain a good work/life balance when you are working very long days. Night shifts are also very difficult to manage alongside an involved family life. I knew that my children were growing up too quickly and I felt that I was missing out. In a nutshell, I really missed having control of my own career. I craved the freedom to build a good career in parallel with quality time with my family.”

To Franchise or not to Franchise?

” My rationale was as follows. First of all, I knew that I wanted to run my own business in the next phase of my career. Secondly, I really enjoy the outdoors and it is important to me to build a business doing something I enjoy. Then there was the question of whether I should start up an independent gardening business or join a franchise. The challenge I had was that I wanted to put in the correct building blocks for a professional business but I also needed to replace the earnings level that I would be giving up…and quickly!”

“The conclusion I reached was that it would be pretty much impossible to meet that challenge with my own independent business. I liked the idea of the franchise route already having the groundwork in place for me. Consequently I decided that the franchise route was the way to go. However, it had to be with a very high quality franchise.”

“And so, my franchise business homework commenced…”

Your First Impression of Ed’s?

“I have worked for companies with some of the most successful brands in the world and I can see just how much value a strong brand can create. Without a doubt, Ed’s has the best brand in the UK garden services franchise sector. I could see how I could build a strong business with that brand as a foundation. That was really clear even from the first cursory look at gardening franchise websites.”

“Right from the start, I felt instinctively that the Ed’s brand, their business model and all the business support I would get from Ed’s, would all set me up well to build a quality gardening business. It really is a powerful cocktail.”

Your Due diligence?

Andy laughs “Oh yes! I did lots of that. Even though I had a really good feeling about the fit of Ed’s from the start, I wanted to be 100% sure. It’s sobering that, if I were to make the wrong move, my whole family would suffer. However, it really wasn’t too arduous a process. The Ed’s Office team guides you through your due diligence process as they want you to make a very considered decision to join. It’s not enough for them that they really like you. They need to know that you are sure too.”

Meeting the team

“I had access to a number of established business owners. It was great to have the opportunity to grill them on their Ed’s experience. That helped me a lot to be 100% sure that Ed’s was right for me. I was definitely reassured that I would be able to grow the business I aspire to. I got to see real powerhouse businesses in action. Furthermore, some of these businesses have only fairly recently been established. I found that hugely motivational.”

Jumping aboard

“I found the the joining process to be really efficient with Ed’s. I had made my decision and then wanted to get up and running as quickly as possible. The office team pulled out all the stops to achieve that as quickly as possible without compromising covering everything we needed to. I really was pleasantly surprised at how thorough and smooth the joining process was.”

Brand New Business Owner – The reality?

“I have been amazed at how quickly I am establishing my business. It is true that, before you start, everyone tells you that you will get really busy really quickly. However, it is human nature that you don’t quite believe it until it happens! My very first day kicked off with an enquiry for my services pretty much immediately. I couldn’t believe it. Furthermore, I’ve been busy ever since and already have 6 or 7 regular customers. Further validation that I have a great opportunity before me.”

The Ed’s Team wishes Andy all the very best with his new business. We look forward to updating on his progress.

franchise success story

A new adventure for James

James Looks East

A new adventure is only just beginning for James, our Ed’s business owner in London (North) . Ed’s knows a good business owner when we see one and James is definitely one of those. We have had James as a valuable member of our Ed’s team for over ten years. Over that time, James has not only built up a strong gardening business but has also been busy building his life, both getting married and becoming a dad.

James’s wife is originally from South Korea and together they have decided that the time is right to leave London and move to Seoul for the next chapter 0f their life. They have lots of exciting plans for the time ahead.

We are very sad to see James go. However, we are also thrilled for him. We have no doubt that he will make a success of whatever he does. James has always been a wonderful ambassador for Ed’s – unfailingly professional, polite, focused and hard working and his Ed’s business had all of those strengths at its very core.

And so we caught up with James just before he left. Here’s what he had to say ….

A new adventure – Back to the beginning

“When I joined Ed’s more than ten years ago, I can honestly say that I made my best career move ever. Of course I was nervous when I started but I got all the support I needed to establish and run my gardening business in London (North). I loved seeing my business grow so quickly and I remember thinking that I was achieving something that I would never have thought possible. I was even more enthusiastic several months in than I had been at the very start. And I can honestly say that enthusiasm has stayed with me throughout my time with Ed’s.”

A new adventure – My Ed’s Journey

“I started to think quite differently once I was running my own business. I seemed to step up to my new role and my self-confidence grew significantly almost overnight. My confidence most certainly helped me to grow my business. What’s more, I was thrilled to be generating more money than I could ever have thought possible with a gardening business.”

“However, I also think that this confidence spilled over to other aspects of my life. I was comfortable taking control whereas before I would have most probably doubted my ability. Amazingly, I was able to pay off the mortgage on my first flat with my Ed’s earnings. Then I went on to buy a second flat as my business flourished even more. Now I am in the fortunate position of having rental income from both properties, which is effectively the equivalent of a salary. A good situation to be in and it helps a lot with our next steps.”

A new adventure – Taking the Plunge

“I believe that, when you are happy with life, there is never a perfect time to make significant changes. However, in our case, the timing was absolutely key. Our children are still very young so we can move without disrupting education. If we left it for even a couple of years, the situation would become a lot more complicated.”

The Future

Family day out at the Korean Folk Village, Seoul

“We have only just moved out to Seoul and are enjoying family time exploring and just settling in. I don’t really know what the future holds for us. It all depends on how much we enjoy it relative to our London life. And that bar is set pretty high!”

“When we were discussing my plans, Ed joked with me that I could always take the franchise to South Korea. However, I’m not sure I could keep pace with the tropical growth there! We may find ourselves coming back to London in a year or two and I could even end up buying another Ed’s franchise. I can’t think of anything I would rather do back in London.”

“However, I wouldn’t be a trailblazer in that respect. It has been done before. Lucy, another Ed’s business owner, moved out to Bali quite a few years ago and one of the first things she did when they moved back to the UK was to buy another Ed’s business. And why not!”

“I am still very much a part of Ed’s. The Ed’s team is great and they feel almost like family now. I know that I shall definitely miss being part of it all. Ed’s has been a big part of my life for such a long time.”

It is great to see James flying the Ed’s flag in South Korea in his Ed’s polo shirt! We wish James and his family all the very best with the next chapter. We can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds for him.

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Gardening Business Goals

Moving from one premier league team to another

Gardening business goals is what it’s all about at Ed’s and we constantly strive to be at the very top of our game.

We are very pleased to announce that our thriving Ed’s team has just grown once again. We are thrilled to welcome aboard Jack Bayford, who is setting up his Ed’s gardening business in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Gardening Business Goals – The Background

Gardening business goals are very much at the forefront of Jack’s mind at the moment. He is an experienced groundsman, most recently working for a well known and prestigious London stadium. Building his gardening business under the umbrella of a top quality brand is something that is very important to Jack. Here is what he has to say about his joining experience…

“My last job was certainly an amazing experience and a good social talking point! I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed my time working for a top football club. However, despite the perceived glamour of it all, the reality was long commutes, high pressure and the feeling of being a very small fish in a huge pond. I also wondered how I would progress my career as part of such a large team.”

“Whilst the idea of having more responsibility and running my own successful gardening business has appealed for some time, I also felt that I would be giving up a good remuneration package for a lot of unknowns.”

Gardening Business Goals – The Perfect Solution

“The perfect solution to my dilemma was Ed’s! I don’t think I would have had the courage to give up such a “good job” without the confidence and perspective that I was moving to something even better.”

“With Ed’s, I could see that I would have the responsibility and opportunity I was seeking. However, I will also have most of the risk removed. Finally, I will have massive potential to build a great gardening business.”

The quality of the Ed’s brand

“I have been around some quality brands and I can see that, in the gardening business world, the Ed’s brand is second to none. That will be a great platform on which to build a top-tier, quality gardening business that will be well beyond anything I could build independently.”

The joys of gardening

“Finally, and certainly not least. It’s not just about the business side of things for me. I love working outdoors. It’s healthy and good for my overall wellbeing. I love working with lawns too. There is a real sense of satisfaction when you nurture them and they are transformed into looking great. That’s the icing on the cake for me really. I get to do something I love, run my own show and get all the business support I need to succeed. You really couldn’t ask for better.”

“As part of the joining process, it has been so inspiring to see what others have made of the Ed’s opportunity. Now I am more than ready to make the most of mine.”

We wish Jack all the very best with his new Ed’s business and look forward to updating on his progress with his business.

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Newest Business Owner Update

Newest Business Owner Alert

Newest Business Owner in Ed’s is changing every week at the moment. It seems like we’ve only just announced Andrew joining to run his business in Chertsey. And now, we are announcing another brand new member of the Ed’s team. Exciting and busy times right now! A new season ahead with some promising new business owners raring to go.

Chris King has just signed up to run his new Ed’s business in Norwich (South). We are thrilled to welcome Chris to the Ed’s team.

Spring daffodils at Eds

And so, over to Chris to hear his story…

The Background to Ed’s Newest Business Owner…

“Well, I certainly can’t claim to be new to gardening. I have been a groundsman for years and I love the outdoors life. Lawns are the business and I love to maintain them to a very high standard  It is so rewarding to see the difference you can make to them with some care.  I’ve always enjoyed my job but what I didn’t enjoy so much was the structure of it. On many days mowing, I’ve daydreamed about just what it would be like to be running my own show. I always loved the idea of running my own gardening business. But I also felt that, whilst I am very good at actually delivering the work, I am not so confident about my ability to run a good business from the start. That’s really what brought me to the idea of joining a successful franchise business.”

Considering My Options…

“I looked at a range of franchises. Initially I thought my skill set might be better suited to a lawncare franchise. However, when I looked more closely, I felt it was all a bit too narrow and I loved the variation that the Ed’s business model offered.”

“And then there was the feeling I got about Ed’s as a business.”

Ready for the challenge?

” I’m really excited. I know from all my years of groundsman experience when spring is just on the point of springing.  It is my intention to power through my training and get up and running to make the very most of the year ahead.”

“I’ve already discussed the content of my training package. I love the idea that it is tailored to my own needs and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I suspect I will need a bit more training in recording my finances than mowing a lawn well!”

Any advice to anyone considering Ed’s?

“I would say that a franchise route is a great vehicle to overcoming your fear of the unknown. I would be fazed by the idea of starting my own independent gardening business if I thought about the earnings figures I am targeting. However, with Ed’s it all feels very achievable. I know for a fact other business owners who joined a year or so ago are doing brilliantly. That fills me with confidence about my own future.” 

We wish Chris all the best with his brand new business and look forward to helping him turn his business plan into reality.

If you would like to find out more about joining Ed’s, please do get in touch.

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A New Season for a New Ed’s Business

A new season is definitely already in the air. Snowdrops are showing. Daffodils are sprouting. Birdsong is filling the air. Also, here at Ed’s we have a lot to sing about. We too have grown recently with some promising new Business Owners join the Ed’s Team. The most recent is Andrew Selwyn. Andrew has just joined Ed’s to run his own gardening business in Chertsey. Andrew is one of the younger members of our team but he certainly knows what he is looking for from his Ed’s business. We are thrilled to welcome him to our friendly team. Furthermore, we can’t wait to see just what he is going to do with his new business.

And so, over to Andrew f0r a few words …


“And so, I’ve worked in the hospitality sector for a number of years. Career progress came quickly for me and I gained good managerial experience. However, although I was good at my job, I wasn’t really enjoying it. The pandemic brought strife to the hospitality sector and I went through furlough then the risk of redundancy although I did keep my job in the end. In truth, I thought I would be relieved but the reality was that I was thinking did I really want to keep it?”

“I love the outdoors – I’m a Scout Leader in my spare time. Also, there is a history of running businesses in my family. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to combine the two. My friend has a franchise and that’s what got me thinking about the franchise route. I then spoke to a family friend who knows a lot about businesses and they said upfront ” If you do a gardening franchise, it’s got to be Ed’s. They are simply the best in the business.” They were right! I did my homework but came to exactly the same conclusion. I knew early on that this was the way to go. However, I had to be patient and wait to get all my ducks in a row to be able to pursue my dream.”

Turning dreams into reality…

“As soon as I was ready to move forward, everything ran extremely smoothly at Ed’s. The Office Team did exactly what they said they would and the other Business Owners are just great. They are such a helpful and friendly bunch. You know that everyone is rooting for you to succeed.”

“And here I am, all ready to go with my new business. I’ve got my training under my belt and everything shipshape. I’m absolutely ready to make the most of all the opportunity that lies ahead.”

Ready for the challenge?

” A new season ahead with all its promise! Absolutely. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I’m a tiny bit nervous but I know that I am in extremely good hands. I will get all the help I need to grow my own business.”

Any advice to anyone considering Ed’s?

“Well, I consider 2022 to be a perfect opportunity to move my life forward. There is no time like like the present! I feel so much more energised and happy since I made my decision to join Ed’s. If anyone is thinking about Ed’s and is waiting for the right time, I would say that you can always find reasons to put off what you know you really want to do. Sometimes there is no substitute for just getting on with it. I am so glad that’s what I have done.”

We wish Andrew all the best with his brand new business and look forward to updating on his Ed’s journey.

How does Ed’s fit into your 2022?

The recent pandemic seems to have changed how people are thinking about their future careers. Many have had time away from the workplace and have had a chance to think about what really matters. They seem to appreciate the value of the outdoors much more and want to create their own job security. Running your own Ed’s business ticks all of those boxes and more.

Therefore, if you would like to find out more about joining Ed’s, please do get in touch.

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Exciting New Opportunities Ahead

Exciting New Opportunities for a Brand New Year

Here at Ed’s we are very much looking forward to all the exciting new opportunities that we know 2022 will bring.

Although it feels like the dead of winter at the moment, let’s just think about things this way. In a matter of weeks (eight to ten to be precise) we know that spring is going to spring once more and our gardening year is going to burst into bloom. Demand for our services will once again go through the roof and we will be very busy gardeners indeed for the rest of the year.

Exciting New Opportunities and Busy Times ahead

For our existing business owners, of course it’s great that very busy times ahead are a given. They know that the high demand levels we cultivate in Ed’s underpin their successful businesses and enable them to thrive. They enjoy a bit of a breather in January and February to get everything ship shape for their busy gardening year ahead in the peace of mind that their working days will be as full as they want them to be very soon.

However, this is also a very interesting consideration for potential new business owners. Of course, anytime is a good time to join Ed’s. However, January is a particularly good time. Why? Well, because there is a great window of opportunity to join our franchise business, get your initial training under your belt and get your businesses set up ahead of March. This means that, as soon as spring decides to spring into action, you can do exactly the same. What’s more, in Ed’s there are no monthly franchise fees to pay either this month or next. They start when your business starts in March. It’s all as simple as that.

Ed’s New Business Owner update

Ed Harrison has only just joined Ed’s at the end of 2021. He is already well on his way with setting up his brand new gardening business in Worcester North.

We had a chat with Ed today to talk about how his own business set up is going ….

And so, over to Ed…

“I am really excited about the year ahead. Usually January is such a dull month but the start of 2022 has been quite the opposite for me. I’m now at the stage where I just can’t wait to switch my business on. I am so pleased I decided to join ahead of the new gardening year.”

“My training is well on track and I’ve also had the opportunity to draw from the experience of a range of Ed’s business owners. Yesterday, for example, I spent time with Paul who runs his Ed’s business in Swindon. Paul is a very experienced business owner who is running a great business. It was a real pleasure to spend time with Paul and to see how he runs his thriving business. Paul is very intelligent, has great business acumen and is a really nice guy as well. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He was happy to take the time to talk me through any of the aspects of the Ed’s business model. I really enjoyed my day and felt even more fired up at the end of it.”

“If anyone is seriously considering joining Ed’s and wondering about when the time is right, I would say don’t just think about it, do it. Of course, you can join at any point in the year. However, if you join now, you have the opportunity to take 2022 by the horns and get the absolute most out of it for your business. Let’s face it, 2022 will only happen once.”

Does Ed’s feature in your plans for 2022?

At Ed’s we are finding that the pandemic seems to have changed how people are thinking about their future careers. They seem to appreciate the value of the outdoors much more and want to create their own job security. Running your own Ed’s business ticks all of those boxes and more.

If you would like to find out more about joining Ed’s, please do get in touch.

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Brand New Business

Brand New Business in Worcester North

Brand New Business owner Ed Harrison

Brand New Business Owner, Ed Harrison has just joined our team to run his Ed’s business in Worcester North. This is what Ed has to say about joining our Ed’s Garden Services franchise business….

Brand New Business – My background…

“I was very fortunate to have a successful business career at quite a young age. It was great in many ways but I found that I wasn’t really enjoying it any longer. I took the view that I am still quite young and I have a long time ahead career-wise. And so it is really important that I am actually doing something that I genuinely love.”

Brand New Business – My reasoning…

“First and foremost , I know that I want an active outdoors career. And I feel like a different person when I am doing something active and positive among nature. The very thought of sitting at a desk all day makes me feel restless. Therefore, a gardening business is a perfect fit for me. I am certain that I could have started my own business from scratch as I have done before. However I know from my own experience how all-consuming that can be. Furthermore, I know how much I hate admin. Ed’s takes away a lot of that pain which is great for me. I am ambitious and I want to be part of something that I can scale up quickly. I want to see real results with my business and really leverage all the things that a franchise business can offer.”

My decision-making process…

“I know that I am quite discerning and I like to think I have a good gut instinct. In my previous line of work it was important that I could suss out what was genuine and what wasn’t. As soon as I discovered Ed’s, it was obvious that the brand quality was right there.”

“Furthermore, I knew quite early on that the fit with Ed’s was very good. I even had the right name! My interest in the franchise was nurtured from the start and all dealings were professional and impressive. My gut instinct was always that I really wanted to join Ed’s. However, I pushed on and did my due diligence properly before making any decision. The fact that Ed’s really encouraged that was very reassuring.”

Brand New Business – Being part of the Ed’s team…

“I was struck by how switched on, professional and straight talking everyone I met in Ed’s was. The message was loud and clear. What I put in, I reap the rewards for. I work hard, following the business model and I do extremely well. Furthermore, I have the freedom to be creative. And so, I can realise my ambitions without dampening my entrepreneurial spirit. The team are always open to new ideas. I find that appealing.”

My future plans…

“I am right at the start of my journey. I just signed up last week. My immediate plans are to get all my kit and training in place and my marketing set up so that I can really hit the ground running come the spring. I really can’t wait to get going. I haven’t felt as excited about a work prospect for a long time.”

The Ed’s team wishes Ed all the very best with his new venture and we look forward to helping him realise his ambitions growing his own Ed’s business.

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Brand New Gardening Business – Somerset

Brand new gardening business launched in Taunton

Brand New Gardening Business Alert! Tim Ollier has recently joined Ed’s to run his very own gardening business in Taunton, Somerset. Although Tim certainly looks very youthful, his history with Ed’s actually goes back quite a long way…

Brand new gardening business – The Background…

“Some years ago, before I had really worked out what career I wanted to pursue, I worked in an Ed’s business in Wimbledon. I loved the work and could see the freedom and lifestyle benefits of the business way back then. I remember thinking that it would be great to be able to run my very own Ed’s business, avoid the rat race and just do something that I would love and earn very decent money doing it.”

Making it all happen…

“Of course, as the story usually goes, life got in the way of my bucolic dreams! I followed a more traditional career path and ended up in the hospitality sector. Although the path I was on had some benefits, I really couldn’t say it was my forever career and I always felt that there was something missing. Quite fundamentally and apart from anything else, I really did not enjoy being stuck indoors all the time!”

“So, fast forward to the pandemic. Of course, my sector was stricken. But I wasn’t….it set me thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was a great opportunity to get out. I could possibly do something that I would really love to jump out of bed in the morning to do.”

“I approached Ed’s to find out about the business opportunity. And found them to be just as impressive and professional as I thought they would be. The more I learned, the more I wanted this to be my future. Clearly, the financial rewards were there but the lifestyle ones were too. Thus I made my big decision very easily indeed.”

Getting in the saddle…

“Now I have completed my initial Ed’s training and feel well prepared to start actually running my business. Indeed I have just completed my very first gardening job. And so, just take a look at the fruits of my labours, the before and after photos of my first hedge clearance!”

Hedge Clearance Tim Ollier Before
Hedge Clearance by Tim Ollier After

“It was quite an ambitious first gardening job. I had to deal with barbed wire, brambles and nettles. I also felled a couple of dead trees for my customer. However, I got great satisfaction completing it. And most importantly, my customer was delighted. I look forward to building on my strengths and training and doing lots more work like this. I really do feel like I am finally in my element – nature!”

We wish Tim all the very best with his new business and look forward to updating on his Ed’s journey.

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New Gardening Business in Chislehurst

New gardening business in Chislehurst is the word on the street!

We are thrilled to announce that Chris Snowball is joining our thriving team to run his very own new gardening business in Chislehurst.

New Gardening Business – Background

So, after many years in banking, Chris decided it was most definitely time for a change. A lover of the outdoors, running his own gardening business was an ideal fit for him.

Why did you choose a new gardening business with Ed’s?

Chris thought at the outset that he might go it alone. However, he told a friend about what he was thinking of doing. This led to them saying that they knew someone running a great Ed’s business. Consequently, they urged Chris to have a look at Ed’s before making his decision.

We’ll let Chris tell the rest of the new gardening business story…

“My friend told me that they knew someone who was running a successful Ed’s business not far from me and that it sounded like a really good set up. I thought I would have a look at Ed’s website. It was excellent. Consequently, I got a great impression about the franchise business right from the very start.”

“In a nutshell, I was impressed by the Ed’s business offering right from the start. Significantly, I found that everything was laid out really clearly and professionally. First impressions are very important and Ed’s was great. Without any hesitation, I went on to arrange a chat with Annette, the Ed’s business coach. I was very impressed with that conversation. Crucially, I got all the information I needed. Furthermore, there was absolutely no pressure to move forward if I didn’t think it was right for me. However, by the end of that conversation I thought that Ed’s might very well be the way forward for me.”

How did things unfold?

“I then went on to meet Ed and my conviction grew that that the Ed’s business venture was a great fit for me. Importantly, I felt that I could make a really good living and flex the business model to run a larger-scale business with several vans. However, I could see that the venture still offered a really good work/life balance as a lot of the headache of marketing and business admin is just taken away from you.”

What helped you make your decision?

“Beyond that initial fact finding and introductory meetings, a huge plus for me was getting to spend quality time with established franchisees. Again, there was no feeling of pressure, just a will to relay all the information I needed to make the right decision for me.”

“I was able to meet a number of business owners and they were very impressive as well as very approachable. What was immediately clear is that Ed’s selects a really good calibre of franchisee. I could see then that it was clearly a two-way process – Ed’s was choosing me just as much as I was choosing Ed’s”.

Any doubts as you went through the process?

” I had lots of questions and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about what I was thinking of doing. However, all my questions and doubts were addressed properly and no question was seen to be silly. The Ed’s team took the view that I was making a big decision and it was absolutely normal to be asking lots of questions. In fact they said they would have been much more concerned if I hadn’t been testing the robustness of the business.”

Was it an easy decision in the end?

“Strangely, it was really easy. I actually couldn’t find anything not to like about Ed’s. I still felt a bit nervous as it was all new. Yet I absolutely knew that I was making the right decision for me. It just all seemed to click into place.”

How are things going so far with your new gardening business?

“Well, I have finished my initial training and I’m starting running my fully fledged business this week. I’ve already had a few jobs and my confidence is building already. I’m still at the very start of my journey. However, I feel hugely supported, both by the office and by other Ed’s business owners. I am hugely looking forward to the future and can already visualise the garden services business that I want to be mine.”

Everyone at Ed’s wishes Chris all the very best with his business. We look forward to updating on his journey.