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Business Model

As an Ed’s franchisee, you’ll offer garden maintenance services to a grateful market of home owners and businesses, either doing the work yourself, with or without a helper, or by employing teams to do it for you as you build your own multi-van empire.

With our groundbreaking technology and our always there support, you’ll be able to earn more by working more efficiently, pricing jobs correctly, and leaving unprofitable work to your competitors.

As your business grows, sell blocks of customers for tax-efficient bonuses of £10K-£20K+ to stay below the VAT threshold.

And, from day one, you’ll be building yourself a valuable asset that you can sell when you’re ready to move on or retire.

Eds Garden Services Business model

Training and Support

You can look forward to personalised one-to-one training and wraparound support as an Ed’s franchisee, whether you’re a single van operator running a lifestyle business or a multi van management operator intent on building an empire.

Our bespoke technology, an all-in-one system, takes care of everything you need to run your business, leaving you more time to do the work that brings in the money.

And your network of fellow franchisees will also be there for you, sharing their knowledge and experience and helping you out – sometimes by offering an extra pair of hands – when you need it the most.

Eds Garden Services Training and Support

Market Demand

Demand for our services is insatiable – far more than you could ever cope with – so you can turn your availability on or off on our website work as much or as little as you want, and cherry pick the most lucrative jobs.

Some franchisees anticipate the tailing off of demand for our core services in January and February and take those months off for a well deserved rest, often heading for the sun, but others capitalise on it by offering other services including power washing and turf laying.

You’ll never be short of opportunities to earn more or expand your operation.


You can make a healthy living in a healthy way with Ed’s Garden Services, whether you want a single van operation that gives you a comfortable lifestyle, or you prefer to manage a multi van franchise and multiply your return on investment.

If you want to stay under the VAT threshold, you can sell tranches of customers to other franchisees and pocket a healthy fee, time after time. (£10-20k+)

The more you put into your business, the more you’ll get out, and we’ll encourage you to treat your business as a valuable asset from day one and grow it into something enviably lucrative you can sell on when it’s time for you to exit or retire.

Eds Garden Services Training and Support

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