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Great Bookham and surrounding area.

Great Bookham's franchisee - Dan

I love the flexibility that Ed's gives you to shape your business to suit your life. We moved to a bigger house in a new area and I have been able to tailor my business accordingly. I still love gardening and running my own business and it has enabled a lifestyle I could never have had in my previous career.

26 May 2021

Having worked in the ultra-competitive world of media sales and marketing for many years, I understand the importance of competitive advantage. There is a culture in Ed’s that has reliability and professionalism at its core. Business owners really do care about high standards. and they are in turn well prepared and trusted to go out there and deliver those high standards. The result is a strong reputation that runs across the network and adds huge value to the brand. Established business owners really want new business owners to be successful, as they know that this is in everyone's best interests. The result of all of this is a network of genuinely happy and motivated operators, which is the best competitive strength you can have.

25 January 2018

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