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Managing the risk

Horsham and surrounding area.

Horsham's franchisee - Bob

I enjoy sharing my experience with newer business owners who are still in the phase of getting their businesses established. I like to play an active role in group training sessions to lend a helping hand as much as I can. I have quite frequent contact with some of the other business owners and I am always happy to help when I can.

05 March 2024

I have been with Ed's since 2017 and I still really enjoy running a flourishing gardening business. I always get a kick out of garden transformations and I love taking before and after photos. I embrace innovation in my business. I've switched over to a lot of electric kit fairly recently and I thoroughly enjoy playing with my new toys!

02 February 2023

My previous job was Managing Director of a Risk Management consultancy before joining Ed's in June 2017. I supposed you could say I'm a bit of an expert in managing risks! I loved the idea of setting up my own gardening business but was well aware of the risks of going it alone - the biggest one being the risk of not earning enough money! I knew being part of Ed's would help me to tackle that risk head on. I've been with Ed's for a year and three months now and I can see that Ed's was absolutely the right path for me. I could never have got to the scale I've built my business to in such a short time if I hadn't had the backing of a successful franchise right behind me.

02 October 2018

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