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Streatham and surrounding area.

Streatham's franchisee - Marcus

I knew when I joined Ed's that I was joining a quality brand that could really propel my business to success. I have really thrown myself into building my Ed's business and knew I was doing well but was thrilled when my Year 2 profit came out in the region of £50,000. I am not resting on my laurels though and this year is going even better so far. The Ed's franchise route has been perfect for me to challenge myself and get immediate results. Success is good but enjoying yourself while you achieve it is even better.

28 April 2021

I started my Ed's business in Streatham in April 2018. It’s still early days for me as I’m only a month in, but already I feel that everything is really starting to come together. I love the gardening, the work is starting to flood in now, I’m starting to feel confident in my abilities and I've already acquired a number of regular customers. It is so exciting to see my business really starting to take shape before my eyes. I can already say with conviction that Ed’s is definitely the right path for me.

04 October 2018

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