Zoran's Gardening Franchise Business

20% return on investment

Chelsea (London) and surrounding area.

Chelsea (London)'s franchisee - Zoran

Well here I am, six years in with my Ed's business and I still really enjoy running it and find new challenges. The combination of running a sizeable business with both freedom and support is what makes it unique for me.

01 December 2018

I recently acquired an established garden maintenance business from an existing Ed's Operator, who had spent five years growing a successful business and wanted to cash it in and do something different. I have a background in the service sector and wanted to buy my own business to run. I wasn't too worried about which business sector it was in but wanted to put my money into a sound investment which would fund a decent lifestyle and generate a sound return on my initial investment. I also wanted a business which had the potential for significant future growth. It is early days but things are running very smoothly so far. The transition period has been so smooth, with the vendor doing their utmost to support me to get up and running. I am very pleased to be part of Ed's and feel the potential for my business is huge. What's more I wonder where else I could buy a business generating a 20% return on investment after drawing a decent salary!.

01 February 2013

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