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Milton Keynes (North West) and surrounding area.

Milton Keynes (North West)'s franchisee - Andy

I am getting great satisfaction from building my Ed's business and could never go back to my previous working life. I'm loving the freedom and holidays we are having now too. We spent last Christmas in the USA and it was amazing.

13 June 2024

I have spent many years working in production-related roles for companies that have huge international brands. I can see the value a strong brand can create and Ed's has the best in the UK garden services franchise sector. I knew that I could build a strong business with the Ed's brand behind me. The brand, coupled with all the business support you get from Ed's, really is a powerful combination. I've met other Ed's business owners who are running real powerhouse businesses and I aspire to do the same. Another key consideration for me is that my previous work life was all about working long shifts, weekends and nights and this undoubtedly takes its toll on family life. I feel like it is time to do more for myself and family and do a job that I really enjoy. A job that gives me the flexibility to spend more time at the weekends with family and to be around in the mornings and evenings to help out with breakfast and tea times. Night shifts are a thing of the past now and I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to say that!

25 May 2022

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