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Worthing and surrounding area.

Worthing's franchisee - Nigel

I'm still very much enjoying running my Ed's Gardening Business. I find it fulfilling in that I generate a good return on the work I put in. However, I also find I am a much happier person running a business like this. I love being part of the community and interacting with my lovely long-standing customers. I find that I spend my working life in a very positive mindset and come home at the end of a day feeling good about what I do and looking forward to the next working day. How many people can say that?

20 April 2023

I feel that I have now got my Ed's business exactly where I dreamed it might get to. I am kept very busy with lots of lovely regular customers, I am running a strong and efficient business and have everything ticking over very nicely indeed. However, I feel my business complements my quality of life rather than detracts from it. I have made really good friends within Ed's and feel that the social side to the business is a great advantage. When assessing the advantages of an Ed's franchise business you need to look at the whole package - the business you can create and the lifestyle you can have alongside it. That's where the real value is for me.

28 April 2021

I am now an 'experienced Ed's Business Owner' yet I still feel that I'm learning all the time. I still learn from my day to experiences of running my business. In addition, I still get a lot out of the Ed's training even though I've been round the block! These sessions are so valuable - the content is great but just as important are the frequent opportunities to get together with other Ed's Business Owners. You can bounce ideas off each other and it's great for morale too. I always come away thinking "Yes, I really do have things on track and I've got some new ideas to implement too."

19 February 2020

Tired of the extensive travelling in his wholesale business and an increasingly difficult business environment Nigel started to consider the alternatives. "One day I found myself whistling and realised I was really happy doing this gardening kind of work. I knew then that I would love to do this for a living but was worried about generating the work and making the numbers stack up." Nigel said, "There are many 'bit players' in the Sussex area I've noticed since starting. Many with no corporate identity and working from the back of an old estate car. Fine if you're happy to work small scale but I like the idea of having an image that is recognisable and a reputation to match, a chance to develop an area and expand the work force. This professionalism surely raises my business to a higher level and as such my earnings potential." "I started looking at gardening franchises as their business models are tried and tested and this makes it all less risky. I remembered seeing an Ed's Garden Maintenance van." "I went along to an Ed's Discovery Day to find our more. Ed's Garden Maintenance really stood out from the others. I decided this was clearly the business for me."

20 November 2014

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