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Ramsgate and surrounding area.

Ramsgate's franchisee - Mark

I have just recorded my most profitable month ever and I am feeling great about the season ahead. I am very happy with my business and delighted with the work/life balance I've managed to create with Ed's. I honestly never knew working life could be so good. Being part of the Ed's franchise is brilliant and it was well worth the money for the work stream alone, although the benefits are much greater than that. If one of your customers cancels, you know you will have another regular one to replace them in no time.

27 April 2021

Before joining Ed’s I was a European Sales Director for a large American Company which involved a lot of travel and my health was beginning to suffer. My wife was frequently telling me that she would rather I was fit, healthy and alive than a successful businessman who was ill and highly stressed. As luck would have it, redundancy came my way. I have always found gardening enormously therapeutic, relaxing and rewarding - both my own garden and the gardens of friends and family. After much research I discovered Ed’s and, as they say, the rest is history and an exciting new chapter in my life began.

17 January 2019

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