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Hampton and surrounding area.

Hampton's franchisee - Clive

I've recently celebrated my 10th anniversary as an Ed's Operator. I was asked how I wanted to celebrate and I chose to just have a low-key night at the pub with Ed. I'm not one for a lot of fuss. We had a good time reminiscing about the early days and talking about how far we've come as a business, my own business and Ed's Garden Services as a whole. We also chatted about plans for the future. It was a late night!

17 February 2018

I tried to set up my own gardening business before joining Ed's as an Operator, but marketing, which I did not enjoy, got in the way of gardening. Now Ed's generates customers so I can do the gardens. I also enjoy the training put on by Ed's at RHS Wisley where I have access to training from the best. It's a myth that there isn't much gardening in the middle of the winter. I was garden clearing on Christmas Eve and laid my most successful lawn on January 3.

02 September 2011

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