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Andover's franchisee - Dave

Well, the time has come for me to sell up, hang up my gardening gloves and move on from Ed's. My wife and I are in the process of moving to pastures new in Suffolk. I really do look back on the years I've been with Ed's with fondness and it's fair to say that I have enjoyed it more than any other job I have done. There are many great things about running an Ed's franchise business but a huge plus for me has been the freedom aspect, especially once you have got up your learning curve and have an established and profitable business. You really can't get a sense of that freedom until you actually have it. It is exhilarating and the thrill of being able to work when you want and not being tied to an 8am until 5pm job is wonderful. When I joined Ed's, I felt that I really stepped off the 9 to 5 bandwagon I had been on for a number of years in previous jobs. A word of caution though - it does spoil you as I believe that, after living the Ed's life, you wouldn't ever want to work for someone else again!

28 March 2022

Well, what can I say about Ed's...I love the work, I love my freedom and I love the lifestyle that goes with running my own Ed's business. I am the kind of person who puts my heart and soul into my job and it's great to see the rewards of being so committed flowing right back to me. I love the fact that I have the flexibility to take great foreign holidays whenever we choose to fit them in. It's so different from being in a salaried job. In the past few years we have had wonderful trips to destinations as far flung as Namibia and Cuba as well as several closer to home. The great thing is that I always feel happy about getting back to my business afterwards, which is further proof that I absolutely made the right decision when I joined Ed's.

28 April 2021

I feel like everything has really slotted into place with my business. I've reached my target of regular customers and I'm still getting lots of referrals and new work coming through. More importantly, I'm loving running my business. I really wish I'd joined Ed's five years earlier. I could never go back to being an employee now. My wife and I have booked up to go to Corsica for a week in early October and we are also going to Cuba next January. The lifestyle I have with Ed's is great.

01 July 2019

I joined Ed's Garden Services in the Spring of 2017. Prior to joining Ed's, I was a Works Manager for an engineering firm. I’m quite a practical person but knew I needed a lot of help on the business side of things. My Ed’s experience has more than lived up to my expectations. My tailored training package was great. I particularly enjoyed learning from established Garden Operators, Mark and Paul, who did everything in their power to make sure I got off to a great start. I’ve had excellent support from the Ed’s Office Team. One of the things I really like about Ed's is the low-key professionalism. They just do exactly what they say they will. They also guide and support you to do as you set out to do, but never in an overpowering way.

15 January 2018

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