David's Gardening Franchise Business

Time for a change

Tunbridge Wells and surrounding area.

Tunbridge Wells's franchisee - David

I guess I am now a seasoned Ed’s business owner now as it will soon be my fourth anniversary with Ed’s. Each day still feels different and I am the proud owner of a very strong business. I am still ambitious and continuously focus on moving my business forward and into its next phase. Every spring feels like a new start.

06 July 2023

I can't believe just how much I have learned and how much my confidence has grown since I joined Ed's. I am building a really good business and sometimes I feel I need to pinch myself to believe that what I am building is really my own! I feel so lucky to have so much support from within Ed's. I find chatting with other Business Owners invaluable to get the very best out of my business. I honestly can't imagine ever having achieved what I have done so far had I been an independent gardener.

28 April 2021

I had spent many years working in sales management in a visual communications business. I had the classic good job scenario. However, the flip side was that I also had all the stresses and corporate issues that go with the territory. I had just got to a stage where I just wasn’t fulfilled and I wanted to do something else for my physical and mental wellbeing. I really wanted to feel excited about my job - my next job had to be something that I wanted to get up for in the morning. Because I’ve always loved the outdoors and, particularly doing practical, physical work in a natural environment, running my own gardening business seemed like a good option for me. Also, my neighbours frequently joke about the time I spend cutting back and tending the wooded area beside the estate where I live. Those who know me well say it’s been clear that I’ve been a frustrated gardener for a long time. I just had to realise it! I've only just set up my Ed's business but I know that I am going to love it.

06 September 2019

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