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Oxshott and surrounding area.

Oxshott's franchisee - Chris

I would never have believed it possible to get as much work as I do from being part of the Ed's franchise. I've been lucky to be able to fit my business around my growing family and still my business has grown unbelievably. I have lots of great regular customers who always want more work done alongside a very healthy stream of new leads. Ed's certainly delivers the goods.

05 November 2021

For many years I played a very active part in the running of a sizeable and successful family business, which we went on to sell. I was lucky to have the freedom to choose what I really wanted to do next. I kept coming back to how I would love to be gardening all day as I am happiest when I am physically active. I wanted to run a proper business and didn’t really fancy starting from scratch. Whatever I did, it definitely had to be a quality business. I knew another Ed’s business owner and found out quite a bit about his Ed's experience from him. I was very impressed with the quality of everything I read online too. When I went on to meet Ed and the Office team, I could see that the Ed's set up is ambitious, professional, supportive and practical and they have a great brand too. I followed the finding out more process to the letter but my mind was made up from the very first meeting. The quality I sought was very obvious.

02 May 2019

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