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Gardening Business Goals

Moving from one premier league team to another

Gardening business goals is what it’s all about at Ed’s and we constantly strive to be at the very top of our game.

We are very pleased to announce that our thriving Ed’s team has just grown once again. We are thrilled to welcome aboard Jack Bayford, who is setting up his Ed’s gardening business in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Gardening Business Goals – The Background

Gardening business goals are very much at the forefront of Jack’s mind at the moment. He is an experienced groundsman, most recently working for a well known and prestigious London stadium. Building his gardening business under the umbrella of a top quality brand is something that is very important to Jack. Here is what he has to say about his joining experience…

“My last job was certainly an amazing experience and a good social talking point! I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed my time working for a top football club. However, despite the perceived glamour of it all, the reality was long commutes, high pressure and the feeling of being a very small fish in a huge pond. I also wondered how I would progress my career as part of such a large team.”

“Whilst the idea of having more responsibility and running my own successful gardening business has appealed for some time, I also felt that I would be giving up a good remuneration package for a lot of unknowns.”

Gardening Business Goals – The Perfect Solution

“The perfect solution to my dilemma was Ed’s! I don’t think I would have had the courage to give up such a “good job” without the confidence and perspective that I was moving to something even better.”

“With Ed’s, I could see that I would have the responsibility and opportunity I was seeking. However, I will also have most of the risk removed. Finally, I will have massive potential to build a great gardening business.”

The quality of the Ed’s brand

“I have been around some quality brands and I can see that, in the gardening business world, the Ed’s brand is second to none. That will be a great platform on which to build a top-tier, quality gardening business that will be well beyond anything I could build independently.”

The joys of gardening

“Finally, and certainly not least. It’s not just about the business side of things for me. I love working outdoors. It’s healthy and good for my overall wellbeing. I love working with lawns too. There is a real sense of satisfaction when you nurture them and they are transformed into looking great. That’s the icing on the cake for me really. I get to do something I love, run my own show and get all the business support I need to succeed. You really couldn’t ask for better.”

“As part of the joining process, it has been so inspiring to see what others have made of the Ed’s opportunity. Now I am more than ready to make the most of mine.”

We wish Jack all the very best with his new Ed’s business and look forward to updating on his progress with his business.

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Brand New Gardening Business – Somerset

Brand new gardening business launched in Taunton

Brand New Gardening Business Alert! Tim Ollier has recently joined Ed’s to run his very own gardening business in Taunton, Somerset. Although Tim certainly looks very youthful, his history with Ed’s actually goes back quite a long way…

Brand new gardening business – The Background…

“Some years ago, before I had really worked out what career I wanted to pursue, I worked in an Ed’s business in Wimbledon. I loved the work and could see the freedom and lifestyle benefits of the business way back then. I remember thinking that it would be great to be able to run my very own Ed’s business, avoid the rat race and just do something that I would love and earn very decent money doing it.”

Making it all happen…

“Of course, as the story usually goes, life got in the way of my bucolic dreams! I followed a more traditional career path and ended up in the hospitality sector. Although the path I was on had some benefits, I really couldn’t say it was my forever career and I always felt that there was something missing. Quite fundamentally and apart from anything else, I really did not enjoy being stuck indoors all the time!”

“So, fast forward to the pandemic. Of course, my sector was stricken. But I wasn’t….it set me thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was a great opportunity to get out. I could possibly do something that I would really love to jump out of bed in the morning to do.”

“I approached Ed’s to find out about the business opportunity. And found them to be just as impressive and professional as I thought they would be. The more I learned, the more I wanted this to be my future. Clearly, the financial rewards were there but the lifestyle ones were too. Thus I made my big decision very easily indeed.”

Getting in the saddle…

“Now I have completed my initial Ed’s training and feel well prepared to start actually running my business. Indeed I have just completed my very first gardening job. And so, just take a look at the fruits of my labours, the before and after photos of my first hedge clearance!”

Hedge Clearance Tim Ollier Before
Hedge Clearance by Tim Ollier After

“It was quite an ambitious first gardening job. I had to deal with barbed wire, brambles and nettles. I also felled a couple of dead trees for my customer. However, I got great satisfaction completing it. And most importantly, my customer was delighted. I look forward to building on my strengths and training and doing lots more work like this. I really do feel like I am finally in my element – nature!”

We wish Tim all the very best with his new business and look forward to updating on his Ed’s journey.

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Franchise Opportunity to run your own Gardening Business

Our franchise opportunity gives you a great career option after redundancy.

“ Setting up my own gardening franchise business with Ed’s Garden Services was the best move I ever made. My profit was almost £50,000 by my second year”- Marcus, 2020

Ed's franchise Operator making the most of his opportunity

Some more comments from our business owners who have taken up the Ed’s franchise opportunity…

“My business is profitable and pandemic-proof and I love the work, outdoors lifestyle and the freedom of it all. What’s more, it’s important to me in these uncertain times to know that I have control over my own career future. Ed’s ticks all these boxes and more.”– Matthew, Folkestone

“You get great support to grow the business you want and you feel part of a great team. Setting up a gardening business is one thing but it’s quite another challenge to set up and run a profitable one with a good lifestyle and peace of mind.”Dave, Andover

“I always knew running a gardening business would be fun and fulfilling but never thought it could be so financially rewarding. I’m also fitter and happier than I have been for years”Mark, Ramsgate

Ed’s has been helping people to build their own successful gardening businesses since 2003. We are now the leading UK gardening franchise business with more than forty successful gardening business owners in our team.

People have joined us from a whole range of career backgrounds. No previous gardening experience is required.

For us, the important attributes are:-

  • Passion to run your own strong business
  • Appetite for a challenge
  • Personable approach
  • Strong work ethic
  • Desire for an outdoors lifestyle

We are confident that we can teach you the rest of what you need to run a thriving gardening business.

Business set-up investment is required and Government finance schemes are currently available.

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit our website

or call us on 07912 289281

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Tunbridge Wells Gardening Business

David sets up his Tunbridge Wells gardening business

David Ross has just joined Ed’s to run his gardening business in Royal Tunbridge Wells. With very strong business experience and a real drive to run a good business, we are sure that David will do very well with his new venture.

David Ross - Ed's Operator Tunbridge Wells

David shares a few thoughts with us on his decision to join Ed’s…

My background

“I’ll tell you a bit about how I went from sales management to running my own Ed’s gardening business. I had spent many years working in sales management in a visual communications business. I had the classic “good job” scenario. However, the flip side was that I also had all the stresses and corporate issues that go with the territory. I had got to a stage where I just wasn’t fulfilled and I wanted to do something else for my physical and mental wellbeing.

My job criteria

I really wanted to feel excited about my job – my next job had to be something that I wanted to get up for in the morning. Because I’ve always loved the outdoors and, particularly doing practical, physical work in a natural environment, running my own gardening business seemed like a good option for me. Also, my neighbours frequently joke about the time I spend cutting back and tending the wooded area beside the estate where I live. Those who know me well say it’s been clear that I’ve been a frustrated gardener for a long time. I just had to realise it!

The selection process

When I started thinking about alternative careers, it was obvious the type of work I enjoyed. I focussed my research on relevant businesses. I found out about Ed’s early on in my search and was immediately impressed by the quality of their online presence. Indeed, I was also impressed with the initial communication regarding the details of the franchise. When I moved on to talk with the Ed’s office team, this was only reinforced. The Ed’s team were friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. They also had a clear passion for the business. I could see that the signs were all very good. I also knew for sure that I wanted to move on to the next stage and find out more.

Face to face meeting

I came in to meet with Ed with my wife and we were both very impressed with the quality of the franchise business. We were also struck by the professional but friendly and frank way it was all presented to us. I can spot a hard sell a mile away, given my background, and with Ed’s the feeling we got was quite the opposite. To be honest, it was very refreshing. The clear message I got was that of ‘take your time and work out if it’s right for you.’

My next steps

We learned lots about my potential gardening business and I felt really keen to go ahead. However, I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel trepidation about jacking in my job. I was quite open about that after the meeting. The feedback I got from Ed’s was that they wholeheartedly agreed that the timing had to be right for me, it was crucial to me getting the best possible start to running my business. No pressure, no negativity, just a ‘let us know if/when the time is right’.

My timing

Over the following months, we kept in touch and I kept thinking about Ed’s and what it would be like to be part of the team. I knew everything stacked up for me about Ed’s, it was just finding the courage to make the leap. Early summer this year I realised that it was time to move forward.

Getting out on the job

The next stage was to me to go out with an established Ed’s Operator to get a good insight into what Ed’s was really like. I went out with Bob, who runs his business in Horsham. Bob previously worked in risk management so he was a really good person to talk to! I had a field day (excuse the pun!) on my day out. He is a great guy who is running a fabulous business. What’s more, he has a lot of passion for what he does. We share a corporate background and we clicked right away. Again, I felt I could ask any question, nothing was too daft.

Bob even let me loose on a lawn (with close vigilance!) and was really pleased with my work. Even if I say so myself, my stripes weren’t half bad for a new guy on his work experience day!

Tunbridge Wells Gardening business lawn mowing stripes
David earns his lawn mowing stripes

A Tunbridge Wells gardening business was born!

In a nutshell, I knew my hunch was right after my day out. I had been in my element. I made my mind up to definitely go for it and the rest of the joining process ran like clockwork. Having gone through the remaining steps, I came in to the office and signed my contract. My Ed’s business was born!

Now I’m all ready to go with my business and I am really looking forward to getting started. Of course, I still feel a little bit apprehensive. However, when I speak to Ed’s Operators who have only been going a few months and are already going great guns, I feel absolutely fine. I know that will be me in a few months time! The main thing is that I am totally reassured by the fact that I know that I am in extremely safe hands.”

Ed’s wishes David all the very best with his new venture.

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Ed’s welcomes Marcus

We are delighted to welcome Marcus Phillips to our ever-growing team of Ed’s Operators.

Marcus has just joined us to run his own Ed’s business in Streatham, South West London.  He  brings many skills that are transferable to running an Ed’s business as well as lots of enthusiasm. We are sure that Marcus will fully embrace the Ed’s business opportunity.

We asked Marcus to tell us a bit about  his decision to join Ed’s:-

The background…

”I previously worked for fourteen years in the management of a 27 acre family-owned estate in London.  In this environment, I was able to do an interesting job within  a beautiful natural environment. Redundancy led me to seek an opportunity where I could be challenged professionally but also keep the outdoorsy context that I love.  I was attracted by the challenge and freedom of  running my own business and I also  knew that a good franchise framework could help me to have a scale of business to generate decent earnings. ”

The decision-making process…

“ When I came across Ed’s, I knew immediately that the fit was good.  The gardening aspect was hugely appealing. It was also clear that Ed’s has a very strong brand presence that  I knew would serve me well.  I could also see that the Ed’s franchise offering is the best in class. 

The Ed’s Team…

 As I had more dealings with Ed and his Office team,  it was clear that there is a lot of experience and professionalism underpinning their success story.  I found Ed himself very inspiring, with clear strategic vision and a lot of focus.  He is very ambitious to keep taking Ed’s to the next level of success.  I was also struck by how friendly and approachable everyone was, from Ed himself and the Office team to the Operators I met. No question was considered too silly.  I felt at ease to take my time and find out everything I needed to know to make the right decision for me.

My instincts told me from early on in the process that Ed’s was right for me. However,   I followed the discovery process to the letter to make sure that all the facts backed up my instincts.  I made my decision having done my due diligence!”

The future…

“I’m  in the process of doing my training so I can be up and running in the next few weeks.  I know I am starting my business at a great time of year, just as spring is starting to spring forward.  I’m getting myself in pole position to keep pace with it!”

We wish Marcus all the very best with his new Ed’s business.

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Ed’s Garden Services welcomes Graeme to the team

We are delighted to welcome Graeme to our growing team of Ed’s Operators…

Graeme has recently moved with his family to the UK from Zimbabwe to invest in an  Ed’s business in Worcester Park, Surrey.   Anita, our Ed’s Operator in Wimbledon is co-investing in this well-established business, which our Ed’s Operator, Tim, has built up over a period of almost ten years. However, Graeme will be at the helm, running the garden services business on a day-to-day basis. We have been very impressed by Graeme.  We feel that he certainly has the right qualities to be a successful Ed’s Operator.


Here is what Graeme has to say about his decision to join Ed’s:-

The background…

”I have spent all of my career to date in the transport sector in Zimbabwe. We have had plans to move to the UK for some time. However,  I have been waiting for the the right business venture to come along in order to make that move.”

Taking the plunge with Ed’s…

“I have known Anita for many years and found out about Ed’s through her. It was clear to me that she had developed quite a scale of a garden services business. She also clearly really enjoys what she does.   When the chance to buy Tim’s business arose, I had no doubt  that it was the right move to make.”

“It was clearly a very good business to invest in, within a respected and well-established garden services franchise business.  It also fitted perfectly with my aspirations for a healthy, outdoorsy job.  I am used to wide-open spaces in Zimbabwe. I couldn’t  stand the thought of a job where I was cooped up in an office all day.”

“I’ve had lots of support through the buying process from Anita, Tim and Ed’s of course.  I feel very well supported and I have found the buying process  a lot less scary than one would imagine”.

The future…

“I am very excited about taking this venture forward. The business is already strong and I love the challenge of taking it to the next level of success. We’ve only just signed the deal but I’m really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting on with running it.  I love the fact that I will have a healthy, outdoors lifestyle. It is a  big bonus.  I may miss that African sunshine for a while though!“

We wish Graeme all the very best with his new venture.