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Newest Business Owner Update

Newest Business Owner Alert

Newest Business Owner in Ed’s is changing every week at the moment. It seems like we’ve only just announced Andrew joining to run his business in Chertsey. And now, we are announcing another brand new member of the Ed’s team. Exciting and busy times right now! A new season ahead with some promising new business owners raring to go.

Chris King has just signed up to run his new Ed’s business in Norwich (South). We are thrilled to welcome Chris to the Ed’s team.

Spring daffodils at Eds

And so, over to Chris to hear his story…

The Background to Ed’s Newest Business Owner…

“Well, I certainly can’t claim to be new to gardening. I have been a groundsman for years and I love the outdoors life. Lawns are the business and I love to maintain them to a very high standard  It is so rewarding to see the difference you can make to them with some care.  I’ve always enjoyed my job but what I didn’t enjoy so much was the structure of it. On many days mowing, I’ve daydreamed about just what it would be like to be running my own show. I always loved the idea of running my own gardening business. But I also felt that, whilst I am very good at actually delivering the work, I am not so confident about my ability to run a good business from the start. That’s really what brought me to the idea of joining a successful franchise business.”

Considering My Options…

“I looked at a range of franchises. Initially I thought my skill set might be better suited to a lawncare franchise. However, when I looked more closely, I felt it was all a bit too narrow and I loved the variation that the Ed’s business model offered.”

“And then there was the feeling I got about Ed’s as a business.”

Ready for the challenge?

” I’m really excited. I know from all my years of groundsman experience when spring is just on the point of springing.  It is my intention to power through my training and get up and running to make the very most of the year ahead.”

“I’ve already discussed the content of my training package. I love the idea that it is tailored to my own needs and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I suspect I will need a bit more training in recording my finances than mowing a lawn well!”

Any advice to anyone considering Ed’s?

“I would say that a franchise route is a great vehicle to overcoming your fear of the unknown. I would be fazed by the idea of starting my own independent gardening business if I thought about the earnings figures I am targeting. However, with Ed’s it all feels very achievable. I know for a fact other business owners who joined a year or so ago are doing brilliantly. That fills me with confidence about my own future.” 

We wish Chris all the best with his brand new business and look forward to helping him turn his business plan into reality.

If you would like to find out more about joining Ed’s, please do get in touch.