Ed’s welcomes Daniel

Ed’s is the largest and fastest growing UK garden maintenance franchise and we’ve just grown a bit more!

We are delighted to welcome Daniel Stockley to the Ed’s team. Daniel has just signed up to run his own Ed’s business in Essex. We are thrilled that Daniel has chosen to come on board with us and really look forward to him being part of the Ed’s team. Over to Daniel….


“Running my own business is not a new thing for me. I have been running my own golf club catering management business since I was twenty-one years old. Although I made a very good living from it, I had got a stage where my job was getting in the way of my life. I really enjoy golf and going to the gym but could hardly find any time for myself to do those things. I knew I wanted to get out but the big question was what to do instead. I wanted my next venture to be fun but I also wanted to be earning enough money to make it all worthwhile. I was really open-minded and looked at all sorts of businesses and franchise offerings, from lawn care to chimney sweeping over quite a long period of time. Ed’s really appealed to me as soon as I found it and I kept being drawn back to it. The information was all really clear and I had heard that they had a strong reputation in their field. Their business opportunity just seemed to tick all the boxes.”

“My views were reinforced when I started to speak with the Office team. They were engaged, open and professional and it was clear that they really knew what they were talking about without being at all overbearing. There was also clearly a great support structure for people joining. Another thing I really liked was that Ed’s has a good track record of people selling on their businesses when they decide to do something else. I think a lot of franchises claim that you can do that but at Ed’s the hard evidence is there.”

“The next stage was going out with one of the Ed’s Operators, in my case it was Neil. I was even more convinced once I met Neil. He is really dynamic and is clearly running a great business, loving his lifestyle and yet is really approachable and down to earth. Neil had already run his own gardening business before joining Ed’s a couple of years ago. He told me that he knew how to run a business before joining Ed’s but that it was still the best thing he could ever have done to grow his business quickly and that he had had great support along the way. It was clear that he was just telling me how it was without being scripted and I really liked what I heard.”

“Although I was pretty sure already, I still did some more research to find out more about Ed’s reputation. I wanted to have covered every angle before making my decision. Everything I found out about Ed’s backed up my feeling that they were a really good company to be part of. Having made up my mind that I wanted to run a gardening franchise business, it was a bit of a no-brainer that I should go with Ed’s.”

“To sum up, what did it for me was pretty much everything – the quality of the Ed’s franchise offer, the opportunity to run my own business with a lot of the hassle taken away, the proof that I could sell it later on, the Ed’s values, most certainly the people (both in the office and on the front line), the comprehensive training and let’s not forget that amazing lifestyle. I just can’t wait to get outdoors and make it all happen for me.”

“I’ve also just found out that my ‘Ed’s buddy’ is Neil and I’m really looking forward to finding out more about how to grow an Ed’s business like his.”

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