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When you buy an Ed's business you are entering into a partnership that has to work for both you and us.

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Buying an Ed’s business can be a sound investment.

When you buy an Ed’s business you are entering into a partnership that has to work for both you and us. The investment level tends to be the initial licence fee plus a vehicle and additional/alternative equipment depending on your set of circumstance.

If you nurture and grow your business it will increase in value for when you are ready sell.

Low start up costs.

Low start-up costs make it easy to launch your business. Start-up costs will vary, depending on your specific circumstances.

Ongoing costs.

Clear visibility of your expenses enables you to easily calculate your profitability.

Future Opportunities.

Depending on your aspirations and goals, there are many options available to you once your business is up and running. Some of these include:


A big advantage of joining Ed’s is that you can build a thriving business and when the day comes that you wish to hang up your tools, you have the option of cashing in what you have built rather than just walking away.  You could sell your business to either a new or existing operator who is interested in growing their business.  We have examples of operators doing both and walking away with significantly more money that they invested when they joined Ed’s.  What this means is that you are not just earning a stream of profits from being part of Ed’s but at the end of the day you could have a nest egg to cash in as well.

Meet some of the team.

We all run our own Ed's Garden Services Business.

Changing landscapes

Simon / East Grinstead

I'm now into my seventh year as an Ed's Operator. My business is unrecognisable - it has gone from strength to strength. I can honestly say that I love my job. I still get a kick out of delivering the gardening services and my business' strong financial performance lets me have the lifestyle I want.

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I fullfilled my ambition

Sarah / Wimbledon

Sarah ran her business from January 2007 to 2012, and successfully grew her business into a multi employee and vehicle business. This was her profile before selling her business on. "Starting with Ed's was a wonderful opportunity to break into a competitive industry and take control of my earning..

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A second career outdoors

John / Christchurch

Since joining Ed's I've moved my Ed's business twice to suit my personal circumstances. Ed's systems and the Office team have supported me so well through my moves. I'm now running my Ed's business in Christchurch and I'm just as happy and motivated as I was when I started almost seven years ago. ..

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A new life at forty

Steve / Hersham

Well, here I am coming up to my 10th anniversary as an Ed's Operator. My business and my children have certainly grown a lot but one thing stays the same - I still love cricket and, with Ed's, I've had the freedom to develop my youth cricket coaching in parallel with growing my Ed's business. I've r..

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Better than going it alone

Lucy / Teddington

Lucy decided to sell her Ed's business and follow her dream to move to Bali for a while. She had a great time there but decided to move back to the UK after a couple of years. She then bought another established Ed's business and added value to that. She sold that business and has now gone off to pu..

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Grasping the nettle

Steve / Ascot

Well here I am, four years down the line! Being part of Ed's has been a real personal growth journey for me. I can't quite believe how much I have developed in confidence, never mind skills. It was as if, when I took on the responsibility of running my own Ed's business, I developed the confidence ..

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20% return on investment

Zoran / Chelsea (London)

Well here I am, six years in with my Ed's business and I still really enjoy running it and find new challenges. The combination of running a sizeable business with both freedom and support is what makes it unique for me.

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Business in winter

Clive / Hampton

I've recently celebrated my 10th anniversary as an Ed's Operator. I was asked how I wanted to celebrate and I chose to just have a low-key night at the pub with Ed. I'm not one for a lot of fuss. We had a good time reminiscing about the early days and talking about how far we've come as a business, ..

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Up and running fast

Guy / Maidenhead West

I've now been with Ed's eight years. Life has changed a lot since then. I've got married (Ed was at the wedding!), my wife and I have had two children, who one minute were babies and the next were going to school. We've also moved house a couple of times. All very exciting, albeit expensive. It is ..

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Prosperity after redundancy

Tim / Worcester Park

Having built up a sizeable and successful business, Tim recently decided to hang up his gardening gloves and sold his business on. Tim had been with Ed's almost ten years and when the opportunity arose to sell, he decided it was too good an opportunity to miss. Anita, our Ed's Operator in Wimbledo..

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Escape from office

Michael / Petersfield

A little initiative pays off a lot. After being made redundant twice from jobs in the city I'd had enough of office life. I started my Ed's Garden Maintenance franchise in 2009. My office skills have proved transferable - part of the job is having a good rapport with people and cross selling to g..

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Perennial work

Nick / Brighton

My Ed's business continues to flourish and I still love making my customers really happy. I'm in the very fortunate position of having a really well-calibrated performing business with some great staff to help me get the work delivered to my high standards. I make sure I take time to pursue my love ..

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Being independent

Rodney / Wimbledon

Five years ago, I moved from South Africa where I cultivated two acres. Now I am back outdoors. After working as a carpenter and handyman in the UK, I found the Ed's Garden Services franchise. I worried about the amount of work, but I have plenty of referrals from current customers and new leads ..

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Getting the lifestyle right

Lindsay / Bridgwater

I'm pleased to be part of the Ed's team. All of us Ed's operators are motivated and dedicated to success and delighted by our healthier lifestyles. When I decided to leave corporate life I researched several franchises. I was impressed with the support, training and advice provided by Ed's at a r..

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A good living

Hedley / Camberley

I wanted to work outdoors when I arrived in the UK as I'd been a farmer in Zimbabwe. An Ed's Garden Services franchise was ideal because it helped get my business running even though I had no local contacts. The marketing help and pipeline of initial work was invaluable, and I built up 40 regular c..

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My gardening business

Jon / Teddington

After living abroad and running a ski hotel I started looking for a business opportunity that fitted my lifestyle, I wanted to be outside and not tied to one place. I started with Ed's Garden Maintenance in September last year. Within two weeks of signing up I was out on the road and in the first we..

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Investing in a new business is a big decision

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Investing in a new business is a big decision

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