Hedgehogs – That time of year

Let’s talk about hedgehogs…

At Ed’s, we just love hedgehogs. There, we’ve said it. We truly believe that they are fantastic little garden creatures. Quietly going about their business of eating many plant- destroying insects and snails. They perform this significant role really diligently. And they look so cute as well. What is not to like? However, to be fair, quietly isn’t strictly true. Hedgehogs are very good at minding their own business. Yet they can be fairly vocal, with a variety of grunts, snuffles and squeals when they get excited. Even that’s quite cute though. Quite the little characters.

Hedgehogs – The bigger picture

There is a bigger picture here, beyond the actual hedgehogs! We consider it a real privilege of the job that it brings us so close to nature on a daily basis. It’s a well known fact that being outdoors in nature has a positive impact on mental health. And it is easy to see why. Even if we wake up a bit tired and grumpy, we find that ten minutes after getting outdoors in the fresh air and doing something physical makes us feel totally different. Particularly so if our office for the day is a splendid garden. Our business owners frequently comment on how much healthier their lifestyle has been since they changed careers and started running their own garden maintenance franchise businesses. The contrast with our lifestyle and being stuck in a stuffy office all day is very stark indeed.

Hedgehogs – Lending a helping hand

Anyway, getting back to the important business of hedgehogs. We always do our best to help our spiky little friends whenever we can. Here’s a great example. Dan, our Ed’s gardener in Great Bookham, found this fellow meandering by the side of the road with busy traffic whizzing by. Dan was able to take five minutes out of his day, park up safely and gently escort him out of danger’s way. He left him waddling safely on the other side of the hedge heading for woodland.

Dan says “Maybe it sounds a bit sentimental but it is a great example of how much better my lifestyle is running my Ed’s gardening business. It’s like I’m now wired totally differently from when I was on the hamster wheel of home to train to office to home. Life is much more balanced and enriched. The little things matter more. Being able to rescue a baby hedgehog as part of my normal working day is actually quite an extraordinary thing. “

Hedgehogs Alert!

Of course we all love this spectacularly colourful and crunchy time of year when the beautiful autumnal leaves come tumbling down in swirls. All very stunning. However, thoughts quickly turn to getting them cleared away when it all turns a bit messy. It’s very important to remember that hedgehogs are predominantly nocturnal. They like nothing better than dozing away for significant parts of the day. They just love curling up in a cosy pile of leaves and other garden waste to have a nice long snooze. And who wouldn’t!

It is so important to be mindful when we are moving piles of leaves and garden rubbish that have been left, even for a little while. We always have a thorough check through any piles that have been sitting before we move anything. If we find a hedgehog, we gently move them to somewhere sheltered and leave them to continue their nap.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Finally, and very importantly for hedgehogs, Bonfire Night is almost upon us. We tell everyone we know (possibly a bit too often!) to please check thoroughly that there are no little sleeping beauties inside your bonfire pile before you set it alight on the big night.

Happy hedgehogs, happy Ed’s business owners. Doing our bit to help each other in and out of the garden.