Mark to the rescue

Mark to the rescue – Saving the day

‘Mark to the rescue’ was the order of the day recently. Ed’s business owner Mark runs his Ed’s business in Ramsgate, Kent. It is true that Mark loves all things nautical and is even a Sea Cadets Leader in his spare time. This recent garden project was indeed very much in the maritime spirit. We asked Mark to tell us his story…

Mark to the rescue – The background

” I recently had a very unusual customer request. In summary, my lovely customer wanted a pirate ship to be erected in their garden! Of course, nautical themes tend to be popular here in Ramsgate. However, this specific request was focused on the very youngest members of the family. And so it seems, my customer’s young children are in love with all things ‘pirate’. Consequently, they wanted nothing more than their very own play pirate ship in their garden. My customer obliged and ordered a wonderful wooden galleon pirate ship…which arrived unassembled. Therefore the next piece of the puzzle was how to get the pirate ship upright. And last, but by no means least, how to keep it safely upright.”

“My customer tentatively asked if it was a job I was prepared to tackle as it was quite far removed from the usual green finger requests.”

” I thought about the scope of the project and was confident that I could complete the job to a high standard. Now, who would dare disappoint apprentice pirates! And so, it was a yes from me, one very relieved customer and some very excited junior pirates.”

Mark to the rescue – Charting the journey…

“I planned the various stages of the job. There were three parts to it. First of all, I had to level the ground so that the structure would be on a flat surface. Next, I had to insert pins into the ground sunk in concrete to make sure that the structure would be secured properly. Finally, I had to build the actual pirate ship.”

…And making the ship seaworthy

“Well, with the weather set fair for the day, I got down to work. Thankfully the job ran very smoothly and each phase was quite straightforward. I was able to complete the job in good time. Just as well as my mini customers were waiting patiently in the wings in extreme anticipation of the final result. No pressure!”

The launching ceremony

“I am delighted to report that the mini pirates were thrilled with the job and no cutlasses nor walking the plank were required! I even toasted the vessel with a nice cup of tea. I’m still hopeful that she could be named “Gardener Mark”in my honour.”

Shiver me timbers, another challenge!

“Chatting with my customer afterwards, they pointed out that pirates do have to keep very fit for the high seas. The junior pirates have already set their sights on a garden climbing frame for essential pirate training. A second project is kicking off and they wondered if I might lend a steady hand once again. Of course, was my reply.”

” I genuinely love quirky jobs like these. I always say to people that no two days the same for an Ed’s business owner. This job illustrates that perfectly. I never know what new challenges will present themselves. I have to say that this was a particularly nice job though, as there is something very special about sharing children’s excitement in a project.”