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Brand New Business

Brand New Business in Worcester North

Brand New Business owner Ed Harrison

Brand New Business Owner, Ed Harrison has just joined our team to run his Ed’s business in Worcester North. This is what Ed has to say about joining our Ed’s Garden Services franchise business….

Brand New Business – My background…

“I was very fortunate to have a successful business career at quite a young age. It was great in many ways but I found that I wasn’t really enjoying it any longer. I took the view that I am still quite young and I have a long time ahead career-wise. And so it is really important that I am actually doing something that I genuinely love.”

Brand New Business – My reasoning…

“First and foremost , I know that I want an active outdoors career. And I feel like a different person when I am doing something active and positive among nature. The very thought of sitting at a desk all day makes me feel restless. Therefore, a gardening business is a perfect fit for me. I am certain that I could have started my own business from scratch as I have done before. However I know from my own experience how all-consuming that can be. Furthermore, I know how much I hate admin. Ed’s takes away a lot of that pain which is great for me. I am ambitious and I want to be part of something that I can scale up quickly. I want to see real results with my business and really leverage all the things that a franchise business can offer.”

My decision-making process…

“I know that I am quite discerning and I like to think I have a good gut instinct. In my previous line of work it was important that I could suss out what was genuine and what wasn’t. As soon as I discovered Ed’s, it was obvious that the brand quality was right there.”

“Furthermore, I knew quite early on that the fit with Ed’s was very good. I even had the right name! My interest in the franchise was nurtured from the start and all dealings were professional and impressive. My gut instinct was always that I really wanted to join Ed’s. However, I pushed on and did my due diligence properly before making any decision. The fact that Ed’s really encouraged that was very reassuring.”

Brand New Business – Being part of the Ed’s team…

“I was struck by how switched on, professional and straight talking everyone I met in Ed’s was. The message was loud and clear. What I put in, I reap the rewards for. I work hard, following the business model and I do extremely well. Furthermore, I have the freedom to be creative. And so, I can realise my ambitions without dampening my entrepreneurial spirit. The team are always open to new ideas. I find that appealing.”

My future plans…

“I am right at the start of my journey. I just signed up last week. My immediate plans are to get all my kit and training in place and my marketing set up so that I can really hit the ground running come the spring. I really can’t wait to get going. I haven’t felt as excited about a work prospect for a long time.”

The Ed’s team wishes Ed all the very best with his new venture and we look forward to helping him realise his ambitions growing his own Ed’s business.