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Adding another string to our bow

The Ed’s office was an exceptionally busy hub  last week. We hosted an advanced lawn care course for our Ed’s Operators.

We came up with with the idea for the course in our last group training session back in September.  A number of Operators thought it would be really useful for their businesses.  Although mowing is our core service, we love to support our customers to have the best lawns that they possibly can and looking after lawns properly is a big part of this.

Mark, our Ed’s Operator in Bournemouth, volunteered to take the idea away. Mark then did some research to establish what kind of course would fit the bill, found a good provider and passed the details on to the Ed’s Office to make it all happen. Steve, our Ed’s Operator in Hersham helped out with some of the hosting arrangements. We did the rest in the office and…hey presto, we had a course.  More than twenty Ed’s Operators signed up for the course so we ran the course over two days.  We had Operators with 10+ years with Ed’s and others, who are less than a year with us.  The feedback from our Operators was overwhelmingly positive, with everyone was saying how much they were looking forward to turning the course into something practical to add to their businesses.

It’s great having our Operators visit the Ed’s Office.  Wellington gets  very excited about seeing them too… especially at lunch time!


At Ed’s we are extremely committed to great training. We believe that the best training is focused on adding tangible value to our Operator’s businesses. Our mantra is to keep training real and interesting.  It has to be well worth our busy Operators taking time out of their businesses for.

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RHS Wisley in Springtime

The Ed’s team had a great training session at RHS Wisley today. We had a really good turnout of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Ed’s Operators, all fired up to develop their ever-growing gardening wisdom.

As always, our Ed’s expert on all things horticultural, led a brilliant session, covering topics ranging from the latest in lawn technologies to ladders and a whole lot of others in between. For the record, we STILL haven’t managed to come up with a gardening question that he can’t answer!

We were delighted to welcome some of Ed’s most recent Operators to their first ever Wisley session. Neil Miller (Rustington), Haydn Jones (Southbourne) and John Spencer (Maidenhead) all joined Ed’s over the last few months and they have just finished their induction training and are rearing to get started with the gardening season ahead.

And it’s not only our newer Operators who enjoy being back in the classroom listening to the pearls of wisdom. Our seasoned Operators enjoy the sessions just as much, always find out lots that they didn’t already know.

Here’s our veteran of veterans, Ed himself, looking very attentive in class…

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Regular Maintenance Brighton

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Nick who covers the Brighton area sent in this photograph  of a regular garden he maintains. 

Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate. 

Eds Garden Maintenance Garden maintenance operators

Stuart Thackeray reflects on his first year with Ed’s

Stuart Thackeray came on board to run an Ed’s business in the spring of 2014. Let’s hear what Stuart has to say about his first year with Ed’s.
“Before I joined Ed’s I had an established career in London and outwardly I guess my life looked very successful. The reality was I was bored with the rat race commute, no longer inspired by my job and felt that my work-life balance made it hard for me to pursue my interests as much as I would have liked.
“To be honest I felt that I was living what was perceived to be a “successful” life but true success is measured by being at one with yourself and happy and in that aspect my career was severely lacking. I’ve got a strong business background so I knew up front what the important factors were when starting up your own business.
“I had my checklist and of all the options I looked at, joining Ed’s was the one that came out on top. I’ve had conversations with friends who questioned my reasons for wanting to be part of a franchise operation when I already had experience of running a business. The answer is simple – it was nothing to do with lacking confidence but all about the realisation that there was no way that I could develop such a strong sales, marketing and technical support engine as I am getting for the level of investment required to join Ed’s.
“Well, here we are one year on and life is very good. Encouraged by my success in setting up an Ed’s business in New Malden, Surrey during my first year I took the decision to complete the change in lifestyle and move to the country.
“I never thought I would have the confidence for such a bold move given I was still in my first year of trading, but I’d always wanted to return to the county I was brought up in and live the rural dream with all it’s clichés. However, by following the Ed’s business model, my business was developing so well, I was 100% sure I could still make it work for me in rural Norfolk rather than the heavily populated suburbs of Surrey.
“So now, instead of a journey to work on the packed 07:30 train into London Waterloo, my commute, in my Ed’s van winds its way along quiet picture postcard country lanes with me at the wheel and Angus, my working black Labrador sidekick, keeping me company.
“I don’t want to make it all sound perfect, obviously work always has its challenges and starting a business takes a lot of dedication and very hard work. My customers are generally lovely although you always get the odd one who does not value the services I offer. It is real life after all.
“What I can truthfully say though is that a bad day gardening for me is always ten times better than a bad day at the office. Freedom and the knowledge that I am running my own show but with a successful business backing me gives me peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing. Birdsong, big skies, the sun on my back and feeling fitter than I have done in years are added bonuses!
“Would I join Ed’s again, knowing what I know now? Yes, without a moment’s hesitation! In fact, one of our operators has just joined Ed’s for a second time – Lucy sold her successful Ed’s business due to a lifestyle move abroad and, having decided to move back to the UK a couple of years later, she’s joined Ed’s again. I think that says it all, who would do that if Ed’s wasn’t what it professed to be?”
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New recruit at Ed’s North and West Norfolk

Ed’s latest recruit is a working lab called Angus.  His owner Stuart covering North and West Norfolk says “although he is in uniform he still finds time to play ball.”

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Ed’s Garden Maintenance launches new web site

Ed’s Garden Maintenance launches new website
“Here at Ed’s we are very excited about having just launched a brand new website. We had a perfectly good website before but if a business really wants to be in online pole position, it’s very important to be keeping pace with the rapidly changing online operating environment. We only launched our new website at the beginning of the month in time for the Google update and already levels of phone and web new business enquiries are running even higher than is the norm at this busy time of year.”

Ed’s Garden Maintenance has a unique advantage in this area as its founder, Ed Mauleverer, has a stellar background in systems development and technical areas such as search engine optimisation.  This puts Ed’s in an excellent position to develop bespoke systems solutions that are well beyond the sophistication level of most companies of that size. 

In Ed’s own words, “A key element of our franchise offering is a very powerful online presence to help Franchise Operators to achieve aggressive business growth. The horizons are constantly changing – people are generally aware of the changes Google are making with a view of higher efficiency in the search engine domain but this is only the very tip of the iceberg.  In Ed’s we see it as our responsibility to keep up with all of this – to harness the challenge and to turn it to our advantage.  There are many facets of having a strong online presence, but an excellent website is probably the jewel in the crown.  We have spent a lot of time developing our new website using and customizing brand new technologies in areas such as responsive web design to work on all types of devices – truly key in the brave new world in which we’re competing.  A huge amount of effort has gone into this but we believe that it puts us in an excellent position to take our brand forward and to leverage business opportunity for our network”.  

Another feature of the new website is the incorporation of micro-sites for individual Operators.  This is key to promoting local gardening businesses within a high-profile global brand context. 

Finally, the website boasts an impressive customer review capability.  In the words of Paul, who runs his Ed’s business in Swindon.  “The website is really impressive and I am thrilled to have my own micro-site on it to push my local business.  I am also very excited by the customer review capability.  I know this is great for pushing us up the search engine rankings, but I also love the fact that the proof of my commitment and professionalism is out there for potential customers to see. It is so much more powerful if customers’ belief in you is written in black and white.” 

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Garden Maintenance Leighton Buzzard

Ed’s Operator Marc who covers the Leighton Buzzard area maintains the private gardens of St Albans Abbey.  The lawns have just had their first spring mow.

Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate for a one off mow or regular lawn care.

Eds Garden Maintenance operators

Spraying Course PA1 and PA6

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Mark (Bournemouth) and Nigel (Worthing) were out training last week at Sparsholt College, Hampshire.   They were taking a course to gain their PA1 and PA6 Spraying Licenses.    Mark said “The course went well, we have both passed PA1 and now take our PA6 exam next week” – we wish them good luck.

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Lawn Mowing different size of lawns

Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for your lawn mowing requirements.   Our Operators are happy to mow a small handkerchief size lawn to a football pitch, we also offer regular mows or a one off cut including very over grown lawns.  All our Operators carry their own equipment and offer a very personal service to your requirements.   

Why not try our Free Estimate service and we will aim to call you back within one hour.

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Job Satisfaction

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in this photograph of what she feels depicts Spring with the following:-

“It started out foggy, overcast and depressing this morning but improved during the day and eventually the sun came through.  We entered this particular garden for regular maintenance and were welcomed by this wonderful sight.  To top it all this Viburnum with masses of dark green foliage and pink-tinged, white flowers filled the whole garden with it’s beautiful fragrance.  An absolute delight and joy around every corner.  Job satisfaction every time!”

Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance if you would like a free estimate for garden maintenance or to join our expanding team of Operators.