autumn Eds Garden Maintenance garden tips James Leonard

Aerating a lawn

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator James who covers North London
sent in an example of aerating a lawn for a customer.  Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, the roots grow longer and therefore create a more vigorous lawn.  This is particularly useful if the ground is quite compact.  Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate for your garden maintenance needs.

autumn Eds Garden Maintenance Garden maintenance; garden clearance garden tips James Leonard

Masport Shredder

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator James has bought a Masport Shredder and sent in these photographs as he puts it to the test on a job in Muswell Hill.  The finished photographs should be posted at the end of the week.  The shredder is an ideal way to recycle organic waste by creating a fine mulch that’s perfect for composting.

If you have any garden maintenance needs either regular maintenance or a one off garden clearance please contact us for a free estimate. 

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Whatever the Weather

Ed’s Operators have been out helping clients during the recent snow.   James Leonard who covers  North London sent in this photograph of Finsbury Park on his way to a client.

Please contact us if you have any winter garden maintenance work we can help with either by phone or fill in the Free Estimate Box.

James Leonard operators

Changing the outlook in Cleveland Square through brute force and coffee

James Leonard is planting trees in Cleveland Square on behalf of the Residents’ Association.

He recently won the contract for maintaining the central garden of Cleveland Square, near Paddington. 6 mature cherry trees (Prunus Autumnalis Rosea) were delivered on the 2nd February. On one of the coldest days of the year James managed to roll these to their designated spot for planting through brute force and a lot of coffee. He has since planted them before the cold weather strikes.

Garden Business Garden Franchise James Leonard

Ed’s Garden Franchise Business opens in North London

James Leonard recently joined Ed’s Garden Maintenance and will be operating in North London.

James says:- “I’ve just started with Ed’s in the North London region, and can’t wait to get started. As I grew up in the heart of the Kent countryside, I’ve really missed the outdoors since living in London, so what better compromise could I find than by becoming an Ed’s Operator and do something that I’ve missed for years! What attracts me to Ed’s is their substantial support and training to start my business and the positive comments from existing operators who are clearly running successful businesses and having a lifestyle I would like to have.”

New Operators are starting all the time and to find out more please visit ‘Join Us’ on