Smart Hedge in W14

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator James who covers North London sent in these photographs of  a well maintained hedge that he looks after in W14.

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Clearance of Blackthorn in Bournemouth

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Mark who covers the Bournemouth area was contacted by a local school to clear an area overtaken by Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa blackthorn, or sloe) at the back of their sports field.  Mark provided a quote which was agreed by the trustees and a date for the work agreed.  The work took two days and the customer was very happy, so much so he has been asked him to provide an estimate for further work.  Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate

Excellent Review Bournemouth

Ed’s Operator Mark from Bournemouth recently received this excellent review for trimming a hedge:-

“Arrived promptly and did an excellent job of cutting the hedge.  Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.  A very professional job well done.  Many thanks”
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Hawthorn Hedge – St Ives Cambridgeshire

Richard our Ed’s Operator in St Ives Cambridgeshire recently rejuvenated an old hawthorn hedge, which in parts had become overgrown with ivy.  Richard, who recently completed his chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting course made use of power tools to cut through the ivy which in some areas had trunks as thick as the original hawthorn.  In other areas, the hedge needed patching with new, four year old hawthorn plants.  Once the hedge was cleared and tidy, 50 metres of fencing was erected on the field side, with the base buried below soil level to exclude rabbits from the garden.  Richard said the job was very satisfying, and looks forward to seeing the hedge come back to life in the spring.

Hedge Trimming

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Clive from Hampton and Middlesex sent in these photographs of one of his regular customer hedges. Ed’s Operators have their own equipment and can remove garden waste if required.   Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate for your gardening needs.

Hedge Trimming Before

Hedge Trimming After

Hedge Cutting

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Guy who covers the Bracknell area sent in these photographs of a hedge he cuts twice a year to maintain this shape.  Guy’s top tip is to always have a sharp blade. Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate if you require any garden maintenance.

Tall Hedge – Tall Ladder

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in these photographs of a hedge they recently trimmed.  The request was to tidy a hedge and fortunately they carry the right ladder for a tall hedge in the van.  The customer was very happy with the finished result.   Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance if you require a hedge trim.

Help the parents are coming round!

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in these photographs and said

 “Unfortunately some students had been too busy with their studies to worry about the garden but when overseas parents planned a visit they needed some help and quick.  We were happy to oblige.  Thankfully we achieved A1 results!”

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Absolutely Beautiful Garden Maintenance

Car Parking
BBQ Area

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny who cover the Camberley area recently prepared a garden for a rental property.  The owners were delighted and described the work as superb and that Penny and Pierre had provided them with an “absolutely beautiful” looking garden.

Lawn mowed

Some of the tasks included substantially pruning the highest parts of the rhododendron hedge and levelling the remainder.   Leaves were cleared from the gutters, BBQ area and car port.  The grass was blown clear and then mowed and finally the whole area was given one final sweep.

Rhododendron Hedge


Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Andy enjoyed doing some hedges for a customer last week.  Ed’s Operators are happy to take on a variety of work so please call or fill in the free estimate box to find out more.