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Smashing September

The Ed’s Operators are making the most of the excellent September weather and their diaries are full of varied jobs.

The extreme summer heat has taken its toll on gardens and there is a lot of work going on restoring gardens to their glory. Once again,  we are seeing green lawns and mowing is in full swing.

In July, we posted regarding how things were going for Dave our Ed’s Operator in Andover.  We asked him how things are going now it’s September. This is what he had to say :-

“ High Summer felt quite different business-wise this year, with the extreme heat and its impact on mowing. However, with the way the Ed’s business model works, I found it really easy to cross-sell other services and my figures were on track even when the thermometer was hitting 34 degrees. “

“What it’s meant though is that much of the ‘normal’ summer demand is kicking in now. There is a lot of mowing going on at the moment  . September is usually  a fairly busy month but this year has been amazing.”

“I’m not complaining about lots of mowing though. It’s great to see lawns looking green and lustrous again. And I enjoy nothing more than creating some mean stripes!” (Just a reminder of what Dave’s stripes look like…)

“It’s not just lawns though. I’m really busy with lots of varied jobs at the moment. With all the sunshine, punctuated by some showers, everything is growing like crazy at the moment!”

“Here’s a hedge I recently did too. I tried my best not to disturb its inhabitants too much!”

“I enjoy being an Ed’s Operator all year round but this is an especially fun time of year. The weather is lovely but not too hot and the late summer growth spurt gives us a lot of opportunity to make gardens look great again. I love seeing them transform before my eyes. It’s very much looking like the current activity levels will continue through to October too. I’m just hoping I manage to get my diary clear for Christmas!  To be honest, I’m only half joking. Last year some of our Operators were working right up until Christmas Eve. Seasonality – what’s that?!”


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Work-life balance is real at Ed’s

Work-life balance is very important to us at Ed’s. In our view, it’s a key measure of a successful life.

Generally, when someone thinks about setting up their own business, the matter of work-life balance often springs to mind. People love the idea of the freedom of running their own business.  However, they are often cautious about getting in over their heads (like Paul, our Garden Operator in Bristol, almost did in the photo above).

The truth is that, at Ed’s,we find that the reverse seems to be true. Once our Garden Operators get their businesses up and running, they seem to get a real sense of reclaiming their lives as well.

We get strong feedback from our Garden Operators that, with Ed’s, they have strong feelings of empowerment and freedom.  This sits alongside security in the knowledge that, as long as they adhere to the business model, the financial results will follow through. Although they work hard, they have more free time than they would have anticipated.  This is underpinned by Ed’s office support and our continuing mission to make their business administration as low-maintenance as possible. The upshot of all this is that Garden Operators can run their own successful franchise businesses and still have a rewarding life beyond their business.

Too good to be true? Well, here’s a snapshot of what some of our Garden Operators have been up to over the past twelve months. Over and above running their own successful businesses of course.


Wedding bells have certainly been chiming in Ed’s world. Paul, who runs his Ed’s business in Swindon, got married in December last year. Keeping the theme in the family, his son also got married abroad in the summer of this year.  Paul and his new wife were able to fly out to Santorini for the wedding…and stay on for a great holiday.

Nick, our Garden Operator in Sevenoaks, is about to get married any time soon ( and has already had several excellent stag parties, we are reliably told!)

Finally on the wedding theme, James, our Ed’s North London Garden Operator, recently got engaged.  James proposed towards the end of 2016 while on holiday with his girlfriend in South East Asia. They got married in the Kent countryside in September.


On another celebratory note, Paul, our Garden Operator in Bristol, is eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby number two.  With impeccable timing, this little star is due to arrive on Christmas Eve. Paul already has a soon to be three-year-old son.

Paul says, “ In my time with Ed’s, my whole life has transformed. It’s great to know I have the financial security to tackle the expensive business of having children. Luckily I have a flourishing business to support my flourishing family! I consider myself very lucky to have the work-life balance that I have. I have financial security and the freedom to manage my own diary. Although I work hard, I don’t have to miss out on important family events.”

Furry(ish) Children

Stuart, who runs his Ed’s business in rural Norfolk, also had a new addition this year.  He acquired Monty, a rather dashing Hungarian Vizsla puppy. Monty has established himself as Stuart’s new apprentice, although he decides which days he works depending on the weather! Stuart says “ Monty already has some very good interpersonal skills and, when he decides to grace us with his presence, he charms all of our customers. It’s a bit unfair really because I am the reliable, conscientious one who does most of the work but Monty always seems to win the popularity vote!”


Clive, our Garden Operator in Hampton, recently celebrated his ten-year anniversary with Ed’s. Not one for a lot of fuss, when asked how he’d like to celebrate, Clive opted for a pub night out with Ed. Rumour has it that this went on into the small hours.  Nevertheless, ever the professionals, they were both on the job, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the following morning.

A move to the seaside

Other life changes have been afoot within Ed’s. John, who previously ran his Ed’s business in Norfolk, decided, with his wife, that a move to the seaside was in order. Consequently, John has recently relocated his business to Christchurch, Dorset.  John says, “We’ve always loved that area and I know that you can make an Ed’s business work anywhere, so why not live exactly where we want to.”


On a sporting achievement theme, Steve, who runs his Ed’s business in Hersham, recently won a prestigious award for his commitment to his local cricket club. Steve does many things for the club, from coaching juniors, to being groundsman (a good fit!) and even running the bar.

Steve was recently presented with  his OSCA (Outstanding Service to Cricket Award) at a glitzy event at the Oval.  He beat stiff competition to be the overall winner for the whole of the cricket-loving county of Surrey. Steve says “My business is very important to me but I also love my cricket. I find it really rewarding in a different way. I am so lucky that I can have both in my life. In my previous job, I would never have had the flexibility to invest so much of my time in my cricket.”

Holidays (and more holidays!)

Moving on to the important area of holidays, believe us, there have been lots over the past year. However,let’s focus on one very special one. Mark, our Garden Operator in Bournemouth, had a great summer business-wise but still found the time to take a three-week holiday of a lifetime with his wife. It started with a trip to Vancouver before they set off on an amazing Alaskan cruise.

Mark says “ When I told friends I was taking three weeks off, they were incredulous. How on earth could I do that – as a gardener, running my own business AND over the summer!! The truth is that it was all quite straightforward. I planned my workload in advance and, with effective backup from a fellow Operator and the Ed’s Office, everything was under control. In fact, if you look at my financials, the impact was minimal. On the other hand, the memories, we’ll have forever.”

Finally, and very sadly, one of our team – who will remain anonymous – is having to miss our Christmas party this year because he is going to be on holiday on the Caribbean island of Antigua. And it’s his 8th week of holiday this year!

So there you have it – the proof is in the pudding,  as they say.

Ed’s Garden Operators do get a lot of fulfillment out of running their businesses but it certainly doesn’t have to be all work and no play. There’s a lot more to being happy than just work.  At Ed’s we firmly believe that people run better businesses when they feel that their life is in balance.

Grow yourself a better life with Ed’s.




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RHS Wisley in Springtime

The Ed’s team had a great training session at RHS Wisley today. We had a really good turnout of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Ed’s Operators, all fired up to develop their ever-growing gardening wisdom.

As always, our Ed’s expert on all things horticultural, led a brilliant session, covering topics ranging from the latest in lawn technologies to ladders and a whole lot of others in between. For the record, we STILL haven’t managed to come up with a gardening question that he can’t answer!

We were delighted to welcome some of Ed’s most recent Operators to their first ever Wisley session. Neil Miller (Rustington), Haydn Jones (Southbourne) and John Spencer (Maidenhead) all joined Ed’s over the last few months and they have just finished their induction training and are rearing to get started with the gardening season ahead.

And it’s not only our newer Operators who enjoy being back in the classroom listening to the pearls of wisdom. Our seasoned Operators enjoy the sessions just as much, always find out lots that they didn’t already know.

Here’s our veteran of veterans, Ed himself, looking very attentive in class…

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Get your life in focus the Ed’s Way

Ed’s is now the number one garden maintenance franchise company in the UK with 36 Operators. It goes without saying that we are now very well established and have a winning formula for building and running great garden maintenance businesses. Our Operators earn a very decent living from running their garden businesses – more than 40% of our network made profits of more than £33,000 in 2014. However, being an Ed’s Operator is about so much more than that. What we hear time and again from our Operators is that what they value most of all about Ed’s is the freedom and choice of lifestyle which being part of Ed’s offers.

It’s easy to appreciate how people get a great sense of wellbeing and satisfaction from being in control of their own destiny, while doing a healthy outdoorsy job. You can work where and when you want and get back out exactly what you put in at Ed’s. It’s straightforward and wholesome and a lot of the worry of running your own business is taken away when you do it our way. You get peace of mind knowing that you only need to follow what has been tried and tested an you will reap the rewards. At Ed’s you have all the benefits of being part of a great team whilst being able to strike out on your own. No office politics, no fears of redundancy, no lengthy commutes, no clock watching boredom. And last, but most certainly not least, you have the freedom to focus on the other things that are important to you, whether it be being around for your young family , hobbies or holidays or a mix of different things. At Ed’s we really do respect that success means different things to different people and it’s not just about money. We treat you as an individual, we listen to what success is for you and we offer you the flexibility and support so you can build your business to your own definition of success.


Ed’s Operator, Stuart Thackery, has done precisely that. After a previous life living in the suburbs with a tedious daily commute into London, Stuart now runs his Ed’s business in rural Norfolk with his black Labrador at his side, driving along picturesque country lanes delivering his garden services with gusto. In Stuart’s own words “I know it’s a bit of cliché but I really am living my rural dream. I enjoy what I do and it’s a million miles away from the Corporate grind I had back in London. I work hard and there is the odd challenging customer but give me a bad day doing this over a good day in an office any day” Stuart is ticking all his boxes, why don’t you take a step to ticking all yours with Ed’s?

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Angus keeping warm

Ed’s Operator Stuart who covers the Fakenham, Norfolk area sent in this photograph of his dog Angus.   They had just been for a lovely stormy walk on the beach and Angus is shown here keeping warm in the van!

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HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards Finalist

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Matthew May is through as a finalist in the HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards which are supported by Express Newspapers.  The winner is to be announced on October 2nd.

Matthew May

Brian Smart (BFA), Suzie McCafferty (Platinum Wave) Mathew May (Ed’s Garden Maintenance) Cathryn Hayes (HSBC) and Sean Hammond (Express Newspapers)

 The judges really enjoyed hearing about his relationships with some of his customers.  Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for more information.

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Job Satisfaction

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in this photograph of what she feels depicts Spring with the following:-

“It started out foggy, overcast and depressing this morning but improved during the day and eventually the sun came through.  We entered this particular garden for regular maintenance and were welcomed by this wonderful sight.  To top it all this Viburnum with masses of dark green foliage and pink-tinged, white flowers filled the whole garden with it’s beautiful fragrance.  An absolute delight and joy around every corner.  Job satisfaction every time!”

Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance if you would like a free estimate for garden maintenance or to join our expanding team of Operators.

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Tony Mundella joins Ed’s Garden Maintenance

Ed’s Garden Maintenance, the very successful residential garden care franchise, is moving into the next phase of expansion and is now seeking to accelerate its franchise recruitment.  In order to achieve this Edward has strengthened his franchising team and retained Tony Mundella to assist with the recruitment and franchisee management process.
Tony comes with a long pedigree in franchising including time as franchise director of Scenic Blue, the landscape gardening franchise, which gave him an insight into the market for garden related services to the public and the attributes of franchisees who would be successful in this market.  Since 2006 Tony has been operating as an independent advisor working with a number of franchisors particularly focussed on increasing recruitment of the right people and development of franchisees.  Tony commented: “I looked at the Ed’s franchise offering in depth and was very impressed with the unique nature of the system and the investment that Edward has clearly put in to create a franchise that gives the franchisees every chance of being successful.  Whilst mowing lawns and trimming hedges does not require a complex formula, Ed has created a business system which manages the process from initial enquiry to invoice payment; this gives the franchisees a significant advantage over other suppliers of this sort of service. I think that what he has created encapsulates the true nature of a successful franchise system so I was very enthusiastic to be involved with this business.
Edward said: “I could see that Tony had a wealth of experience in franchising but was also open to new ideas and grasped the Ed’s concept very quickly.  I am confident that he will be a valuable addition to our team and will add considerable value.  I look forward to working with him over a long period of time.”

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Discovery Days

Ed’s Garden Maintenance hosts discovery days throughout the year, so if you have ever fancied running your own Garden Maintenance Business why not request an Operator Prospectus and take the first step.  Our next Discovery Day is early February, with no obligation just the chance to find out more about Ed’s.

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Ed’s Garden Maintenance expands to SE London

Ed’s Garden Maintenance would like to welcome our newest Operator Richard Cooke to the Ed’s Team.  Richard will be running his business covering SE London.  Richard said “I am excited about starting my own business in my local area”.  If you have any Garden Maintenance work that needs doing please contact Ed’s for a free estimate or if you are interested in joining the Ed’s Team please give us a call or fill in the form for an Operator Prospectus.