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Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

And may all your

Christmases be… green

It’s been an excellent year for Ed’s Garden Services and we have made lots of progress in many different areas. We are delighted to have welcomed eight new Operators to the Ed’s team since December 2016. We wish them all the very best with their exciting new Ed’s businesses. We are really looking forward to helping them flourish even more in the coming year.

It’s great for us to be the UK’s largest garden services franchise. However, what’s more important by far is the well-being of each and every individual in our team and the health of their businesses. That’s where the real value of Ed’s lies. That’s at the very heart of what we do.

With that in mind, we would like to wish all our Ed’s Operators, past, present and, of course, future, a very Merry Christmas and an exciting and rewarding 2018.

Growing success…the Ed’s way.

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Wisley time again!


The Ed’s team is looking forward to another great training session at RHS Wisley this week.

No matter the season, Wisley is always an inspirational place to visit and the quality of our Wisley training sessions is excellent, with access to the best expertise in the gardening sector. We try to organise our sessions to coincide with the change in seasons to give our Operators the very latest expertise to help them plan for their season ahead.

Our Wisley sessions cover all things horticultural, with topics ranging from the latest in lawn technologies to planting techniques and a whole lot of others in between. We usually wind up with an open floor question and answer session. For the record, we STILL haven’t managed to come up with a gardening question that our expert can’t answer!


We always schedule for an early start for Wisley but without fail we get a great turnout of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Ed’s Operators. This ranges from our newest to our ten-year veteran Ed’s Operators, all fired up to develop their ever-growing gardening wisdom. The feedback we get is that all our Operators find the training sessions really beneficial and interesting.

Before we leave, we are usually treated to a guided walk round the most interesting initiatives at Wisley, before their gates officially open. What better way for a gardener to start their day!

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Ed’s bids a fond farewell to Adrian and welcomes Peter

Peter (left) and Adrian sealing the deal

Ed’s Garden Maintenance is the largest UK garden maintenance franchise, with a network of 44 Operators.

Ed’s is delighted to welcome Peter Dixon to our team of Business Operators. Peter has just signed up to buy Adrian Thomas’s established Ed’s business in Southampton.

At Ed’s we encourage Operators to create value from their investment for the whole of the lifecycle of their business and that includes at the end, when they decide to hang up their gardening gloves. With careful planning, Operators can sell their businesses on to new Operators and leave Ed’s with a significant cash sum. It’s a win-win situation for all parties:-

  • the established Operator moves on to retire or do something different having realised a good cash sum for their efforts.
  • the new Operator acquires a business where they do not have to start from scratch as they start with a bank of customers to service
  • Ed’s gets a new Operator to replace the exiting Operator.

Adrian says ” I’ve really enjoyed my time with Ed’s and after five years, and reaching age 65, I have decided to retire and take the opportunity to realise some capital from the business.  Indeed, the real potential of building a readily saleable business was a major consideration in my decision to join Ed’s in the first place.  The way the business model works means that you can build value into your business by establishing a regular customer base and on top of that you have the intrinsic value of the Ed’s brand to sell on. Having decided that I wanted to achieve a good sale at some stage during my fifth year, I took advice from Ed’s on timing, valuation and marketing the business at an early stage and followed their guidelines about how to sell a business to the letter. The results have come through and I’m delighted to be handing my business over to Peter.”

Peter says “I am very excited to have bought an established garden maintenance business from Adrian. I look forward to developing the business further and enjoying the lifestyle.  Adrian has been very supportive, teaching me the ropes of the business and making sure that the handover of customers goes well.  I am confident that owning a franchise in the gardening business is the best way to go and taking over an existing franchise is an added bonus.”

We wish both Adrian and Peter all the very best with their future plans.

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RHS Wisley in Springtime

The Ed’s team had a great training session at RHS Wisley today. We had a really good turnout of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Ed’s Operators, all fired up to develop their ever-growing gardening wisdom.

As always, our Ed’s expert on all things horticultural, led a brilliant session, covering topics ranging from the latest in lawn technologies to ladders and a whole lot of others in between. For the record, we STILL haven’t managed to come up with a gardening question that he can’t answer!

We were delighted to welcome some of Ed’s most recent Operators to their first ever Wisley session. Neil Miller (Rustington), Haydn Jones (Southbourne) and John Spencer (Maidenhead) all joined Ed’s over the last few months and they have just finished their induction training and are rearing to get started with the gardening season ahead.

And it’s not only our newer Operators who enjoy being back in the classroom listening to the pearls of wisdom. Our seasoned Operators enjoy the sessions just as much, always find out lots that they didn’t already know.

Here’s our veteran of veterans, Ed himself, looking very attentive in class…

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Getting our ducks in a row for the year ahead



It may be winter but at Ed’s we’ve been really busy getting our ducks in a row for another successful year.

In the New Year, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into Ed’s Operators’ business reviews and plans for the forthcoming year. This involves helping those who want, by reviewing how the previous year went for them and planning what to do next year to make things even better. We are delighted to say that Operators’ businesses have performed better than ever in the past year and a substantial number of our Operators are recording annual operating profits in excess of £30,000. What’s more, our star performers are earning significantly more than that and delivering new ‘personal bests’ in their profitability.

As always, we’ve enjoyed getting together for business reviews (we are quite a sociable bunch!). However, most importantly, the result of all our efforts is that Operators have a clear understanding of where they are at with their businesses and are fired up to start the new season knowing exactly what they want to achieve in the coming year.

We’ve got a really great team at Ed’s. When you put that together with a proven business model and strong training and support, you get quite exceptional results.

No hype, no hidden catches just growing and sharing our success.  If you would like to be part of our success story, do get in touch and grab your own piece of the action.

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Daniel’s first month with Ed’s

Daniel Stockley has just got his first month an Ed’s Operator under his belt. We asked him how it has gone:


To be honest, it has gone extremely well and has passed by in a flash. I knew I was joining for all the right reasons but still felt a little bit apprehensive before starting. I just wanted to be sure that I would get enough work. I kind of knew that it was unfounded as I could see how busy the other Ed’s Operators were but I guess I just wanted to hear the phone ringing! I honestly needn’t have worried! I have been so busy and have had loads of good enquiries. What’s more, the work has been really interesting and varied and I can honestly say that I have been having a great time. I have been so busy I even had to miss the last Ed’s group training session as I was so busy. In that instance, a lovely school I have been working with needed me in ahead of their important OFSTED inspection to make sure that everything looked great for the inspectors. Important stuff!

“I’ve gotten to grips with the estimating really quickly and also with delivering the different services too. What’s more I’m really enjoying all the different aspects of running my own gardening business. ”

“The Office is always there for me, as is my buddy, Neil, if I’ve got any questions which is a great reassurance too”.


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Ed’s keeps it real

Ed’s is the UK garden maintenance franchise market leader with 37 Operators. We are also the fastest growing UK garden maintenance franchise.

We’re thrilled with our success but never arrogant or complacent about it. We attribute this success to a whole mix of factors but we firmly believe that our values are at the core of our success. At Ed’s we place huge value on integrity and authenticity – that’s to say, good old-fashioned honesty and “keeping it real”. These values are at the very heart of Ed’s and run right through our business. It is simple; we deliver what we say we will at every turn. At the coalface, it’s what differentiates us from a lot of the competition. Our Operators consistently deliver excellent garden services with integrity and a smile. Our mantra is “prompt, reliable and efficient” and that’s what our Operators are. We do exactly what it says on the can (or the van in our case!)


It’s precisely the same principle when it comes to recruiting new franchisees. We are very clear about what we offer in our package and are completely ethical and transparent in our approach. We create no illusions and tell it exactly as it is. In Ed’s what we offer is purely the opportunity to run your own business delivering excellent gardening services whilst having fun, freedom and flexibility to shape things as you wish. We provide a great business model, which if followed properly, gets good results and we work closely with our business owners to support them to get it working right for them. We go the extra mile to support our Operators and they know that we are always there for them. The result is motivated Operators who feel that they have the best of both worlds as they have their own successful businesses but still feel secure as part of the Ed’s team. That’s it, pure and simple.

When someone is considering joining Ed’s, we do our best to portray life as an Ed’s Operator for exactly what it is. It’s not absolutely perfect 100% of the time (life never is) but it does tick a lot of boxes. We feel that by giving people the true picture, they are far more likely to make the right choice for them and, if they do decide to come on board, stay committed to being part of Ed’s. It’s one of the reasons we welcome potential franchisees going out on the road with established Operators and give them carte blanche to ask whatever they want. More importantly, we give our Operators carte blanche to tell them the whole truth – no script, no hype, just honesty.


Training is another area where it is easy for franchisors to say they will deliver lots and in reality not do that much at all. At Ed’s we value our Operators above all else and train and support them to make their garden maintenance businesses as successful as they can be. We don’t just say that we are committed to training – we really are. Why wouldn’t we be given that a successful Operator network is the key measure of the success of Ed’s? We offer excellent initial and ongoing training, bespoke business coaching and have a great buddying system which pairs up our new Operators with established ones. The investment fee we receive from new franchisees is not sent away somewhere to be stashed in our coffers – indeed we invest a substantial part into the development of the franchisee. The investment fee funds the training and support that we consider to be critical to Operators realising their full potential.

Finally we are full members of the British Franchise Association (bfa), which is the voluntary self-regulatory body for the UK franchise sector. In a nutshell, the bfa promotes ethical franchising practice in the UK. In order to quality for this membership status, the bfa demands very exacting and stringent standards of business ethics and transparency of business practices. Many franchise businesses choose not to become members of the BFA but at Ed’s we welcome being held to account and having to conduct our business to these high ethical standards. Indeed, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Angus keeping warm

Ed’s Operator Stuart who covers the Fakenham, Norfolk area sent in this photograph of his dog Angus.   They had just been for a lovely stormy walk on the beach and Angus is shown here keeping warm in the van!

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Aerating a lawn

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator James who covers North London
sent in an example of aerating a lawn for a customer.  Aeration allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, the roots grow longer and therefore create a more vigorous lawn.  This is particularly useful if the ground is quite compact.  Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate for your garden maintenance needs.

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Leaf Clearance (Hampton)

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators are busy clearing leaves at this time of year, please give us a call for a free estimate.  Clive who covers the Hampton area sent in this photograph.