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Brand New Gardening Business – Somerset

Brand new gardening business launched in Taunton

Brand New Gardening Business Alert! Tim Ollier has recently joined Ed’s to run his very own gardening business in Taunton, Somerset. Although Tim certainly looks very youthful, his history with Ed’s actually goes back quite a long way…

Brand new gardening business – The Background…

“Some years ago, before I had really worked out what career I wanted to pursue, I worked in an Ed’s business in Wimbledon. I loved the work and could see the freedom and lifestyle benefits of the business way back then. I remember thinking that it would be great to be able to run my very own Ed’s business, avoid the rat race and just do something that I would love and earn very decent money doing it.”

Making it all happen…

“Of course, as the story usually goes, life got in the way of my bucolic dreams! I followed a more traditional career path and ended up in the hospitality sector. Although the path I was on had some benefits, I really couldn’t say it was my forever career and I always felt that there was something missing. Quite fundamentally and apart from anything else, I really did not enjoy being stuck indoors all the time!”

“So, fast forward to the pandemic. Of course, my sector was stricken. But I wasn’t….it set me thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was a great opportunity to get out. I could possibly do something that I would really love to jump out of bed in the morning to do.”

“I approached Ed’s to find out about the business opportunity. And found them to be just as impressive and professional as I thought they would be. The more I learned, the more I wanted this to be my future. Clearly, the financial rewards were there but the lifestyle ones were too. Thus I made my big decision very easily indeed.”

Getting in the saddle…

“Now I have completed my initial Ed’s training and feel well prepared to start actually running my business. Indeed I have just completed my very first gardening job. And so, just take a look at the fruits of my labours, the before and after photos of my first hedge clearance!”

Hedge Clearance Tim Ollier Before
Hedge Clearance by Tim Ollier After

“It was quite an ambitious first gardening job. I had to deal with barbed wire, brambles and nettles. I also felled a couple of dead trees for my customer. However, I got great satisfaction completing it. And most importantly, my customer was delighted. I look forward to building on my strengths and training and doing lots more work like this. I really do feel like I am finally in my element – nature!”

We wish Tim all the very best with his new business and look forward to updating on his Ed’s journey.