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Are we cutting the mustard?

Marcus has now been with Ed’s two months, getting his business up and running in Streatham, South London. We asked him to take a quick break from his busy schedule and give us the lowdown…

So, Marcus, how are we measuring up?

“ I’m still absolutely loving being an Ed’s Operator.  It is super busy and there is so much more work for the taking than I had anticipated, even with the knowledge of the strength of Ed’s brand. The challenge is meeting demand, never ever whether there is enough work. That thought doesn’t even cross my mind.”

“I feel much fitter already. I am tired at the end of a long day’s work but it is a good kind of tiredness. It feels like I have really achieved something and my energy levels are high because I feel very positive about what I am doing. The gardening is great and I love having the freedom to build my business up how I want to, with the support I need right at my fingertips.’”

“Another aspect I really enjoy is building relationships with my customers. I thrive on the fact that my business is such a personal one and is very service-oriented. It is so satisfying to get great feedback and reviews – very validating. Everyone loves a job well done, but my customers are so appreciative of what I do.”

“Have I made the right decision? Yes, one hundred and ten percent. I’ve got two months under my belt now and I’m actually even more enthusiastic about it all than I was when I first started.”