Ed’s travels

Ed had a great day today, escaping from the Ed’s Office and getting out doing what he loves most –  gardening (the practice as well as the theory!) and meeting Operators in the Ed’s team.

The working day, started at Wisley, where Ed’s go-to expert once again dazzled the Ed’s team with his extensive knowledge of all things garden related. We all had a wonderful time learning about plants, new regulations and the latest developments in gardening equipment. The classroom training ended with an open floor Q&A session. It’s a standing joke in Ed’s that to date nobody has ever managed to catch him out with a question that he can’t answer. This morning was no exception, but we’ll keep trying! We wound the training session up with a lovely walk around the Wisley gardens as we always find this inspirational to apply to our own garden endeavours.”

Ed’s Operators at RHS Wisley training session

Next, it was off to Bournemouth for Ed to visit Haydn, who signed his operator agreement to join Ed’s. Ed says “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Haydn to the Ed’s team. Haydn will running his Ed’s business in Southbourne and will be officially open for business within the next couple of weeks. It was great to sit down with Haydn today and get everything in place to get him up and running as smoothly as possible. Today was a big day for Haydn and it’s great to be there to share his enthusiasm for his new venture.”

Haydn – Ed’s brand new Operator in Southbourne

And after all that, was it back to the office for Ed? “Well, yes, I did wind my way back to my desk towards the end of the day but first I stopped to mow a lawn and cut a hedge. I still have a few customers of my own from way back when I started Ed’s. The truth is that I just find gardening really therapeutic. I get a real satisfaction from doing a good job and seeing the results right in front of me. It’s what attracted me to this business in the first place and I still find it rewarding. And the tea and cakes my lovely customers tend to feed me are pretty good too! “