I can't quite believe that I am now in my sixth year of running my Ed's gardening business. Time really does fly when you are gardening. I've got my business to a level that I am very happy with. However, I always find there are new challenges so life is never boring. I really enjoy the team aspect of Ed's, especially as one of the more experienced Business Owners.

14 February 2020

I have a love of the outdoors and growing things having spent time on a friend's farm growing up in Yorkshire. I have three allotments and I am a past chairman of St Ives Allotment Association. I've spent most of my career in agricultural research, working on behalf of farmers and Government, but the various funding streams have become harder each year to secure. Now that my two children have flown the nest I am in a position to make some life changes and so I started exploring gardening franchises. I was very impressed with the Ed's franchise. Ed and the team are friendly and professional with plenty of support in terms of business planning and marketing etc. I'm looking forward to steering my own ship and having more control over my own destiny - it's an exciting prospect.

12 March 2014