I've been with Ed's since 2014, which was around the time my brother-in-law started his Ed's franchise. I was always heavily involved in the business and when Neil earned enough to fund his long term goal of moving with his family to Cornwall, I took the driving seat. We really do have a great business model which focuses on a lot of regular services and it is surprising how lucrative it can be. I now have quite a sizeable business with a team of employees. However, I am still ambitious for further growth. It's hard work but a lot of fun and there are always new opportunities to grab.

03 October 2018

I've got young children with intensive healthcare requirements. For a franchise business to work for me I really needed the franchisor to take into account my unusual circumstances and let me structure things so it could work for me. I knew I was prepared to work really hard and could build a great business but the framework needed to be right. As soon as I raised it with Ed's, they got it and were clearly committed to being as flexible as possible to make it work for me. I knew immediately that it was the right franchise to join. I was right. I've worked my socks off, without having to compromise my family, and have built a really fantastic business. So much so that I was runner up in the bfa Franchise of the Year national awards this year. The amazing result of 100% commitment from me and from Ed's.

17 August 2016