Well, here I am four years into running my Ed's business. The experience has been a great one for me. Some things haven't changed (I still love gardening!) but others have - I've amazed myself at how proficient I've become with the 'running the business' side of things. I can't believe how much work we have coming in but I still have the freedom to visit my family in Norway when I want to. My wife says joining Ed's is the best thing I've ever done. The future is looking rosy (and busy!)

16 October 2018

I’d worked in the gardening sector for 22 years before joining Ed's in 2014. I was sure that there wasn’t much you could teach me about cutting a mean lawn edge with a small strimmer! However, I felt that there was a lot I had to learn to develop the necessary skills to running a successful and profitable gardening business. I’d longed to run my own business and build something that was truly mine for quite some time. I wasn’t scared of the risk but I was realistic enough to understand that I would do a lot better with a strong brand behind me. I also felt that I would benefit greatly from the business support and sales and marketing expertise that are part of the package. I was used to having a steady income and by joining Ed’s was doing my level best to make sure that I could sustain that security into the future.

14 July 2016