I've built a great business with Ed's and I am really proud of what I've created. I have a strong and profitable business but I am also able to work when I want to and take holiday when I wish. I enjoy travel and I can indulge that without damaging my business in the slightest. I really enjoy the customer relationship aspect of my work. My mantra is "Happy customers, happy Kevin". I find my work extremely rewarding and much more meaningful than my previous corporate job.

28 April 2021

08 October 2019

I joined Ed's in the spring of 2014 after working for a long time in oil. The oil sector had taken a nosedive and it was quite a depressing place to work. I wanted to work in a more positive environment, build a great business and have the freedom to pursue my passion for travel. The opportunity arose to buy an established business and I jumped at it. With Ed's I've managed to achieve all I'd hoped for and more besides. Last year in particular was a big step change for my business and I am thrilled with just how far my business has come. I celebrated my success with a month off travelling around Latin America!

18 April 2018