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London (North) and surrounding area.

My decision to join Ed's was really a lifestyle choice – a healthy outdoors life and the flexibility of running my own business really appealed to me. I resigned myself to the fact that I would probably earn less money but that it would be worth it for the lifestyle. However the reality has been somewhat different - I do have a great outdoors lifestyle which I love but I am also earning significantly more money that I did in my previous job. Now that's what I call really living the dream! After university, I started working as a manager for a roofing supplies company. When I decided to leave, I looked at several business opportunities and considered going it alone. But having a mortgage and other financial commitments I was a bit worried about the risks and this made franchising the best option for me. Joining Ed’s Garden Maintenance appealed to me because it is a growing business and has a strong brand. I set up my business in June 2011. I put together my business and marketing plans during my training and as soon as I was up and running I started building a regular customer base around my area of North London. It’s been hard work but enjoyable and worth it – especially when I saw that I was not only meeting, but exceeding my business targets. (In my first 2½ months I paid off over 30% of my initial investment – as well as maintaining my previous standard of living!) With one-off jobs from the office, as well as repeat business from my regular customers, I have a strong stable business. The great thing about working with Ed’s is the support I receive. Ed and the rest of the team are always there to help and I know if I need any advice, need to talk something over, I can just pick up the phone. You’re not left out on your own!

13 August 2013

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Changing Landscapes

Simon / East Grinstead

In my previous life, I worked in landscape gardening and knew a healthy outdoors job was where I thrived. I then worked as an employee in an Ed's business and got great satisfaction from delivering really good work. When, almost two years ago, my then boss was thinking of doing something else, the opportunity..

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I fullfilled my ambition

Sarah / Wimbledon

Sarah ran her business from January 2007 to 2012, and successfully grew her business into a multi employee and vehicle business. This was her profile before selling her business on. "Starting with Ed's was a wonderful opportunity to break into a competitive industry and take control of my earnings...

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A second career outdoors

John / Christchurch / Christchurch

Since joining Ed's I've moved my Ed's business twice to suit my personal circumstances. Ed's systems and the Office team have supported me so well through my moves. I'm now running my Ed's business in Christchurch and I'm just as happy and motivated as I was when I started almost seven years ago.


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A new life at forty

Steve / Hersham

Maybe life does begin at 40. At 39, my career as a salesman in the motor industry was going nowhere. I loved gardening so I invested in an Ed's Garden Maintenance franchise. I liked the relatively low start-up costs and was given support in accountancy, marketing, business management and training. Within..

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Investing in a new business is a big decision

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Investing in a new business is a big decision

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