The Ed's franchise has worked really well for me. I worked in catering before and thanked my lucky stars that I had moved into gardening when the pandemic hit and we were still able to work due to gardening being naturally socially-distanced. This year feels busier than last year already and the season has only just started. I keep getting really good referrals and new leads and it's great to know that my business continues to thrive from year to year.

28 April 2021

Running my own business is not a new thing for me. I have been running my own golf club catering management business since I was twenty-one years old. Although I made a very good living from it, I had got a stage where my job was getting in the way of my life. I really enjoy golf and going to the gym but could hardly find any time for myself to do those things. I knew I wanted to get out but the big question was what to do instead. I wanted my next venture to be fun but I also wanted to be earning enough money to make it all worthwhile. I looked at all sorts of businesses and franchise offerings over quite a long period of time. Ed’s really appealed to me as soon as I found it and I kept being drawn back to it. The information was all really clear and I kept hearing that they had a strong reputation in their field. The Ed's business opportunity just ticked all my boxes.

28 September 2018