What skills do you need?

A certain level of physical fitness is needed to undertake this work, and in-depth practical training is provided on how to deliver the core services.

Above all, the right attitude is the most important attribute to have. You must be prepared to deliver a high level of customer service, professionalism and reliability.

Making the decision

Investing in a new business is a big decision. We will invite you to meet Ed and to spend time with an experienced Ed’s Operator to show you what is involved in an Ed’s business. This is important in helping you to decide whether an Ed’s business is right for you.

It also gives us an opportunity to assess your suitability and your ability to succeed within Ed’s.

We will then meet to discuss your goals and expectations. If we both agree that an Ed’s business is right for you, your Ed’s business can be purchased, your territory agreed, and you can start the Ed’s training course.

You have already taken the first step towards considering an Ed’s business opportunity. We encourage you to understand the information on this website then ask yourself whether you think you can make a success of this business. We recommend that you do some calculations based on your individual circumstances, and using information from our website and our business plan template (that we will share with you when you apply) to see if the figures add up for you.

If you are interested in an Ed’s business opportunity and would like to arrange a further meeting or a day on the road, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Edward Mauleverer

Managing Director