Buying an Ed’s business can be a sound investment.

When you buy an Ed’s business you are entering into a partnership that has to work for both you and us. The investment level tends to be the initial licence fee plus a vehicle and additional/alternative equipment depending on your set of circumstance. If you nurture and grow your business it will increase in value for when you are ready sell.

What an Ed’s business offers:

  1. A system that works
  2. An award winning website to generate new work
  3. Help with ongoing training for you and your business
  4. Excellent support from Central Office and the network of Operators
  5. Proven successful business model with potential for good profit margins
  6. An established growing network
  7. A format that you can follow to grow the capital value of your business
  8. The opportunity to turn your business into a management operation
  9. A simple business that translates into real profit
  10. Substantial investment in the Ed’s brand
  11. Security of knowing that we are Full BFA members and subscribe to their code of ethics
  12. Help to become successful

1. Low start up costs

Low start-up costs make it easy to launch your business. Start-up costs will vary, depending on your specific circumstances. On application you can customise our Business Plan Template so you can see what your costs are likely to be.

2. Future Opportunities

Depending on your aspirations and goals, there are many options available to you once your business is up and running. Some of these include:

  1. Putting more vehicles on the road
  2. Releasing capital by splitting your protected area
  3. Being part of the fastest growing garden maintenance franchise in the England
First yearly projections

First Year Weekly Revenue illustrations

3. Re-sales

A big advantage of joining Ed’s is that you can build a thriving business and when the day comes that you wish to hang up your tools, you have the option of cashing in what you have built rather than just walking away.  You could sell your business to either a new or existing operator who is interested in growing their business.  We have examples of operators doing both and walking away with significantly more money that they invested when they joined Ed’s.  What this means is that you are not just earning a stream of profits from being part of Ed’s but at the end of the day you could have a nest egg to cash in as well.

Another scenario is that once you have an established business, you may want to release some cash but continue on your Ed’s journey.  You could do this by selling part of your business to an existing or new operator. This is called "splitting your business".

Whilst you would ultimately be responsible for the sale of your own businesses, at Ed’s we have lots of experience in this area and can give you guidance on the various selling options, valuing your business and navigating the process of the sale.

we are associated members of the bfa we recently were finalists in the fma awards microbusiness finalist 2014 Full Member of the British Franchise Asscoiation.