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In my previous life, I worked in landscape gardening and knew a healthy outdoors job was where I thrived. I then worked as an employee in an Ed's business and got great satisfaction from delivering really good work. When, almost two years ago, my then boss was thinking of doing something else, the opportunity to run the business as my own was too good to pass up. I got the money together and jumped in at the deep end! I am so glad that I had the guts to do this as I feel that it was a brilliant opportunity for me. Running your own business always presents its challenges but the great thing with Ed's is that there is a lot of great experience to draw from within our group. I feel that I've come a long way in two years but still have lots of plans for where I want to take my business in the future.

28 August 2013



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we are associated members of the bfa we recently were finalists in the fma awards microbusiness finalist 2014 Full Member of the British Franchise Asscoiation.